Congratulations, Croatia, for Beating France (but not the Jews)!

Viva Croatia!

July 15, 2018: In one of the most contoversial World Cup finals ever, Croatia outplayed France yet lost the game, due to some lousy officiating.

Although not everyone would agree with that statement, there are many outraged football (aka soccer) fans—hardly limited to Croatians—who do agree. The referee used the new VAR (Video Assistant Referee) to determine that a handball that occurred in Croatia’s goalbox was intentional. However, I concur with those who argue that it did not look intentional. The referee’s decision cost Croatia a goal.

Even more controversial was a penalty that occurred about seventeen minutes into the game. A casual glance at the incident in slow motion says it all: The French player took a dive. Yet the referee did not use VAR in awarding France a penalty shot, giving France their first goal.

We could just dismiss the whole affair as sports as usual, with incidents that are hard to judge by referees who are no more perfect than the rest of us. But these two calls were rather extreme (and odd), and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, they beg another question:

Was France’s World Cup victory over Croatia the result of a Jewish conspiracy?

Let’s start with the good news.

The greatest sporting event on the planet is made even greater by the fact that fans don’t have to hold their noses while Jewish teams play. Israel last made it to the World Cup in 1970—nearly half a century ago, when they qualified as an Asian team. In fact, that was the only time Israel qualified for the World Cup.

The greatest living soccer player who considers himself a Jew is probably England’s David Beckham, a brainless monument to arrogance who’s in fact one quarter Jew.

This year, Israel’s partner in crime, the United States, didn’t even qualify.

But only a fool would think an event as prestigious as the World Cup could be free of Jewish manipulation.

Jews vs Argentina

The Jews showed what good sports they are when they invited Argentina’s football team to play in Israel. The game between Argentina and Israel was to be played in Haifa, but the venue was suddenly changed to Jerusalem, which the arrogant Jews claim as Israel’s capital.

Earlier in the year, America’s Zionist-in-chief, pResident Donald Trump, moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing the latter as Israel’s new capital. Argentine government officials said they had warned that playing the match in Jerusalem could cause trouble.

Argentine sports journalist Angela Lerena said changing the game’s location, a move pushed by Israel’s sports minister, Miri Regev, “turned a sporting event that had economic ends into a political issue and it became about supporting the state of Israel. Somebody at some point decided it could be a good propaganda opportunity.”

No political manipulation there <sarcasm>!

Palestinian activists exploded in outrage, pleading with Argentina to cancel their visit. The Jewish-controlled media claimed Palestinians targeted Team Argentina with death threats. It’s possible, but it’s also possible that Jews simply fabricated that story. Or perhaps death threats were issued by Jews posing as Palestinians. Remember Michael Kaydar, the Israeli-American teen found guilty in THOUSANDS of bomb hoaxes?

In the end, Argentina did the right thing, canceling their trip to Israel. The Jews’ response was oh so predictable.

They called Argentines “anti-Semites,” a misnomer that translates as “racist” in Jewspeak. Israeli Defense Minster Avidgor Lieberman (any relation to Joe “Benedict Arnold” Lieberman?) wrote on Twitter:

“It’s unfortunate the soccer knights of Argentina did not withstand the pressure of the Israeli-hating inciters, whose only goal is to harm our basic right to self-defense and bring about the destruction of Israel.”

There was concern the matter would upset Team Argentina’s psyche at the very time they needed to be focusing on their game. Then again, imagine how much worse it could have been if they had whored themselves out to the Jews and played in Jerusalem!

Of course, we’ll probably never know whether the extra baggage dumped on them by the Jews was a factor in Argentina’s World Cup performances. It was certainly a shock to see Argentina tie Iceland.

Jews vs Brazil

I updated this article yet again after discovering the magnitude of the 1998 World Cup conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to research and write about the numerous threads; I’ll save that for my forthcoming book Conspiracy Science 101. Here I’ll just post a brief summary.

Led by superstar Ronaldo, Brazil seemed destined to win the 1998 World Cup in France. In fact, the team they met in the final was…France.

After eating lunch at a restaurant in Paris, Ronaldo became seriously ill, going into convulsions. In fact, he might have died if not for first aid rendered by one of his team mates.

It was decided that Ronaldo—who didn’t even remember the incident after awakening— should go to the hospital, missing the game. Yet Ronaldo’s trip to the hospital was a brief one, and he inexplicably showed up to play. Unfortunately, his performance was dismal, and Brazil lost 0-3.

Brazil’s shocking defeat spawned numerous conspiracy theories and official investigations. In fact, there may have been two overlapping conspiracies.

First, why did Ronaldo become ill? Was he drugged, perhaps at the Paris restaurant he ate at? If so, by whom?

Second, why did he play in the final?

Many believe that he was essentially forced to play by team sponsor, Nike. France was sponsored by Nike’s rival, Adidas, founded by a certified Nazi. (However, I should point out that I’m not emphasizing members of Hitler’s National Socialist party as symbols of evil. I think the National Socialists actually deserve far more respect than the Jews they held accountable.)

If all of these conspiracies sound far out, consider the fact that French superstar footballer Michel Platini himself claimed the 1998 World Cup was fixed. He said certain people wanted France and Brazil to meet in the final. So if you want to call me a conspiracy crackpot, don’t forget to add Michel Platini and millions of Brazilians to your list.

The 2018 Jew’s Cup

The Jews have long been at war with Argentina, which has the largest population of Jews of any Latin American country.

There was Henry Kissinger’s involvement with Operation Condor and a right-wing government that kidnapped and murdered Argentine citizens while it gleefully borrowed money, putting Argentina in bondage to New York City’s Jewish banksters. More recently, Jewish billionaire and hedge fund owner Paul Singer torpedoed Argentina’s economy with a slick legal trick that had “Jew” written all over it.

But Argentina isn’t the Jews’ only victim.

Jews vs Latin America

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona claimed Colombia were victims of a “monumental robbery” in their World Cup round-of-16 defeat to England. Maradona pretty much echoed Colombia captain Radamel Falcao’s sentiments after Colombia lost 4-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

During the game, American referee Mark Geiger awarded a penalty to England after ruling that Carlos Sanchez had brought down Harry Kane. Maradona claimed it was Kane who committed a foul, asking why they didn’t use VAR to review the incident.

Unfortunately, Team Colombia’s conduct was hardly exemplary. But it does seem a little strange that a U.S. citizen would be selected to referee a World Cup match between England—a major Jewish bastion and U.S. ally with a bloody colonial history—and a Latin American nation.

And is it true that Geiger isn’t even bilingual? I read that somewhere, though I can’t find the source now. But how hard can it be to find a referee who understands two of the most common languages in the world?

Earlier in the tournament, Morocco’s Nordin Amrabat alleged that Geiger had asked for a Portugal player’s shirt during the Group B match between the sides. FIFA denied the charge.

At the 2014 World Cup, Geiger was criticized by Nigeria’s coach for making “a lot of mistakes” in a game Nigeria lost. The winner? France.

Maradona further accused Geiger of inventing a penalty for Brazil in a 1-1 friendly draw against Colombia in 2012.

Before he became a referee, Geiger was a high school math teacher in New Jersey. In 2010, he was among 103 recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching.

As a former teacher in Seattle—where Jews are multiplying like rats—I long ago learned to be very suspicious of teachers who are given awards by corrupt entities. One of the most prestigious education awards is the Michael Milken Award.

Does that name sound familiar? Milken is better known as the “junk bond king.” He’s also a Jew. Wikipedia (aka WikiJew) promotes him as a “philanthropist,” along with Bill Gates and a lot of other sleazy people.

During the World Cup, I saw an article suggesting that Brazil’s failure to win the World Cup could give right-wing elements in Brazil’s government a boost. I can’t locate the article now, but sports can have enormous political fallout. The important thing to note is that there are some very powerful and corrupt people who would like Brazil to lose, along with Argentina—and probably all Latin American teams.

In fact, the media have been spreading the message that Latin America’s soccer dominance has come to an end, with the crown shifting to Europe. But are Europeans really more talented, or are they getting some illicit help?

France’s Magic Carpet Ride

Here’s an interesting conspiracy theory: Organizers of the 1998 World Cup in France fixed the draw so that the host country could not face the defending champion, Brazil, until the final.

The source of that claim is Michel Platini, one of the greatest French footballers of all time and later the coach of the country’s national team. Platini was also co-chief of the organizing committee for the 1998 World Cup.

Do you see a pattern beginning to emerge? France allegedly had some illicit help winning its first World Cup in 1998. Referee Mark Geiger was criticized for questionable conduct at least as early as 2012. In 2014, Geiger was accused of favoring France in a game with Nigeria.

Four years later, Geiger was criticized for the way he officiated a game between England and Colombia, with the latter narrowly losing. The final, between France and Croatia, was refereed by Néstor Pitana, whose former occupation was…drum roll…acting!

Croatia vs the Jews

You have to love the subtitle of this article:

“The Argentine needed all of his past acting experience in what proved to be a busy first half in the World Cup final.”

I’m not a football expert, but I did play for many years. I have a pretty good working knowledge of the game.

When I watched the World Cup final @, I was struck by the way Croatia dominated almost the entire game, including the first fifteen minutes. If they kept it up, I thought they would win easily.

Then came that fateful moment when French player Antoine Griezemann took a dive on the Croatian end of the field.

If you watch a video of the game, the incident occurs at about 17:50. At first glance, it looks like Griezemann was fouled. But a slow motion replay tells a very different story.

During the replay, a commentator remarks, “It looks like he actually lost his footing; I’m not sure if he [the Croatian player] even touches him.”

A few seconds later: “The contact actually comes when Griezemann’s already on the ground.”

At about 18:20 he says, “That’s a dive! . . . Well, he’s conned the referee…”

Incidentally, Antoine Griezemann isn’t the most wholesome sports star. Read about his infamous “blackface photo.”

The Big Picture

So far, we have a collection of mostly circumstantial evidence that paints a picture far too familiar to experienced conspiracy analysts. But can we find additional evidence to help us make a stronger case?

Absolutely. Let’s put our magnifying glass away for a moment and look at the big picture.

As all Americans know, World War II was started by a psychopathic madman named Adolf Hitler. He was so evil, the only allies who would support him were Italy and Japan, who were also pretty evil.

In fact, Hitler was hardly a madman. On the contrary, he was a miracle worker who probably did more to help Germany than any U.S. pResident ever did to help our country.

Believe it or not, the National Socialists (aka Nazis) had more support than you might think. Over 90% of Austria’s citizens eagerly joined Germany. Finland allied with Germany for a while. In fact, the Finnish military still proudly embraces the swastika.

When Germany invaded the Soviet Union (which had itself invaded other countries), people representing various groups persecuted by Joseph Stalin—who may have been far bloodier than Hitler—welcomed the Germans as liberators.

In fact, it could be argued that World War II was started by the British, led by Winston Churchill, who is credited with starving four million or more Germans and Indians to death. But why fret about things they didn’t bother teaching us in high school?

More precisely, some have argued that Jews started WWII, and perhaps WWI as well. There’s no question that Jews manipulated both wars. They certainly manipulated the historical record, holding themselves up as innocent lambs who suffered more than anyone in history. Though the Holocaust may have been largely a fabrication, a growing number of people today wish Hitler really could have exterminated the Jews. The world would be a far better place without them.

But that’s history. World War II ended over half a century ago, and we don’t have to worry about Jews in the World Cup, because Jews can’t play soccer. Moreover, every person who played in this latest World Cup was born after WWII.

But don’t tell the Jews.

In fact, the Jewish media were urging people to cheer for France because of Croatia’s WWII-era allegiances and alleged crimes. The Jews weren’t invited to the party, so they invited Argentina to their party, wet their pants when Argentina declined, then urged Jews around the world to cheer for France, a nation of colonial bastards, over Croatia.

Readers were reminded that former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is one quarter Jew. He’s the scumbag who helped Obama destroy Libya, in the process murdering Muammar Gaddafi, one of our generation’s greatest leaders and Africa’s brightest star.

But Jews may not be the only people who hate Croatians. After WWII, Croatia became part of Yugoslavia, which was in turn part of the Soviet empire.

Given the fact that most of the world’s Jews are from Russia, not Israel, and considering the fact that Putin himself appears to be working for the Jews, how do you think Mother Russia would feel about a former vassal state winning the World Cup right under Putin’s nose?

During the final game, the pitch was invaded by some unruly fans. Croatian team member Dejan Lovren grabbed one of the intruders in anger, but another high-fives French team member Kylian Mbappé.

The punk rock group Pussy Riot later claimed responsibility via social media, claiming it was a protest aimed at ending illegal arrests of protesters and to allow political competition in Russia.

That could be true. Or it could have been a stunt designed to interrupt Croatia’s momentum. And if you watched the game, you know the Croatians played hard right up to the end. They had possession of the ball for more than 60% of the game and put far more pressue on the French goal than the French put on theirs.

Patriotism = “Anti-Semitism”

After Croatia played a game against Israel’s national team in 2016, the Simon Wiesenthal Center called for sanctions to be leveled against Croatian fans, who reportedly chanted “anti-Semitic” slogans during the game.

No, they didn’t chant “Fuck the Jews.” They chanted Za dom spremni (“Ready for the homeland”) and Mi Hrvati! Ustasha, Ustasha! (“We Croatins! UIstasha, Ustasha!”).

The problem was apparently the second chant, which invokes the country’s World War II Ustasha government, which allegedly exterminated local Jewish populations.

Now that Germany’s “Holocaust” has been exposed as a Holohoax, we have to wonder what the truth is about Croatia. If they did exterminate Jews, then they probably deserve a medal.

But just suppose the Croats really were guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity (like virtually every nation that participated in WWII). Does that really mean they can’t chant for their homeland?

Keep in mind that Croatia has a tortured history. It endured the Ottoman Wars, World War II, Soviet communism and a war for independence—yet another reminder that Jews don’t have a monopoly on suffering. Is it really so strange that Croats would yearn for a symbol of stability, like everyone else on the planet?

And if their homeland or mother country was guilty of war crimes, what are they to do—abandon their mother country? Israel and the United States have plenty of skeletons in their closets, yet their national myths have evolved into virtual religions.

During the 2018 World Cup, Syrians cheered for Croatia, hardly surprising consider that Syria was once a vassal of the colonial French.

In the meantime, Argentine legend Diego Maradona isn’t shy about his support for Palestine.

Who Controls Football?

Professional sports are a magnet for corruption, and wherever you find corruption, you’re likely to find Jews, like flies on roadkill. But is FIFA controlled by Jews?

I haven’t yet had time to explore that question, but I’ll have much more to say about it in my books Conspiracy Science 101 and Jews 101.

But consider this statement from The Guardian:

“Ratings in the US for this year’s World Cup are down significantly on 2014 and if reports are correct, Fox Sports will lose money on its coverage of the tournament. . . . It [Fox’s coverage of the tournament] has been appalling.”

Ah, Fox. Remember, when those assholes first showed up on the world stage?

They were so right-wing, they…well, they were a premonition of Donald Trump.

As you may know, Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the world’s biggest media whore. Though there’s apparently no smoking gun proof he’s a Jew, many people believe he is. He’s certainly a Zionist.

Murdoch also owns National Geographic. So when Fox News refers you to National Geographic for information about Croatia, it’s kind of like being passed from Rupert Murdoch to Rupert Murdoch.


It sounds like Argentina’s football team is going to play in Israel after all. Shame on them, including Messi. I wonder if Maradona would travel to Israel if he was still a player.

Of course, the Jews will insist that France’s football team play in Israel, and the French will gleefully pose with hook-nosed political leaders who are busy humping the infamous wall that everyone who supports Israel is supposed to hump.

The big question is whether Israel will invite Croatia’s soccer team. It would be a dangerous gesture, for Croatians would very likely show more class than France and Argentina and say NO.

In the meantime, please spread the word about this article. I’m the only genuine political activist in the sleazy city of Seattle, and I was the first first political candidate in Washington State’s history to make Jewish corruption a campaign issue when I ran for Governor in 2016.

Just as Croatia will probably never be allowed to win a World Cup, so will I never be allowed to win an election. In fact, I’m virtually invisible in Seattle’s media. But, like Croatia, I punch way above my weight.

If you like to talk shit about Jews, God bless you. But, rather than simply sling mud, let’s put our heads together and figure out a final solution.

You can help by promoting a word I coined as an alternative to that stupid word anti-Semitism, JEWARCHY. I would love to have some photos of people wearing shirts that advertise to put on my website. I’d like to spread the message around the world. If you’d like to be the first Croatian to give the Jews the middle finger on my website, you know what to do. And if you’re worried about being assassinated by Mossad, you can always wear a mask. 😉

Finally, this article is little more than a rough draft. Do you have any tips or information about corruption in FIFA or the World Cup, especially corruption involving Jews? Do you have other information that might help paint a clearer picture?

If so, please contact me. I want to write about the World Cup fiasco in my forthcoming books Conspiracy Science 101 and Jews 101.

Fuck the Jews
Fuck the Jews
Fuck the Jews

I release the three images above into the public domain. Copy and display them far and wide!
I’ll have much more to say about the 2018 Jew Cup in my forthcoming book Conspiracy Science 101, which will hopefully be published before the end of the year (2018). It will also be featured in Jews 101, though that book won’t be finished until some time in 2019.

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When I checked this Wikipedia article on July 18, 2018, it didn’t even mention either of the World Cup’s most storied actors, Antoine Griezemann and Nestor Pitana!

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World War II – The Real Story

Stop! If you haven’t yet visited the WWII Truther’s Guide home page, go back and read it first. Then come back and take another look at World War II.

If you’ve already read the story below, then take another look at it and see how many red flags it contains.

* * * * *

The world was getting along just fine when an anti-Semitic madman named Adolf Hitler seized control of Germany in 1933 and immediately embarked on his twin goals of world conquest and genocide, primarily targeting innocent Jews. Red flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flag

Wow, EIGHT red flags in the first sentence!

  1. The world was hardly getting along just fine before War II. The British and French still ruled colonial empires, and the U.S. had replaced Spain as the de facto colonial overlord in Latin America. The misery and suffering were enormous.
  2. Hitler was anti-Jew, not anti-Semitic; his allies actually included Arabs. In fact, a few Jews supported him as well, though his general hatred of Jews appears to be well established.
  3. Hitler was hardly a “madman,” though I suppose it depends on how you define the term. He probably did more to help Germany than any U.S. president ever did to help the United States. As a military leader, Hitler took on the three most powerful European nations plus the United States and was ominously close to victory.
  4. Hitler didn’t “seize” power, not immeditately, at least; he was appointed Chancellor in 1933.
  5. Nor did Hitler immediately lash out. He endured considerable provocation before he finally struck back.
  6. It’s hard to imagine how world conquest could have been one of Hitler’s goals. Merely conquering and controlling all of Europe would have been an enormous feat.
  7. Though there’s little doubt that Hitler did hate Jews, there’s no proof that his goals included genocide.
  8. Not all the Jews Hitler persecuted were “innocent.”

At the same time, Hitler imposed his prudish values on the German people, turning Berlin into a ghost of its former self and wrecking the economy. Red flagRed flagRed flag

  1. The statement that Hitler “imposed his prudish values on the German people” is questionable.
  2. Whether or not Hitler improved Berlin or wrecked it is a matter of perspective. Before Hitler came to power, Berlin was known as Europe’s sex capital. Some equated it with freedom, while others described it as a cradle of sleaze.
  3. Wreck the economy? Adolf Hitler was probably the best thing that ever happened to Germany’s economy—and he worked his miracle in peacetime. In contrast, the U.S. was rescued from its Great Depression by a war-time economy.

To divert attention from Germany’s domestic problems, Hitler started World War II—“the war to end all wars”—by seizing Austria and invading Poland, then invading and conquering every nation in Western Europe except the British Isles (United Kingdom). Hitler conquered France in just a few weeks and came very close to crushing the British. Next, Hitler broke a non-aggression pact with a peaceful giant, the Soviet Union, invading that country in an effort to acquire new lands for the German people, along with the USSR’s vast resources. Red flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flag

  1. As mentioned above, Germany’s domestic problems weren’t that bad after Hitler took charge.
  2. It’s impossible to determine who really started WWII. It’s popularly assumed that WWII started with the invasion of Poland—but how does a war between neighboring nations constitute a “world war”? The British and French declared war on Germany, turning it into a much bigger conflict. They also forced their colonial subjects to support them, effectively making it a world war.
  3. World War II isn’t nicknamed “the war to end all wars.” World War I was the war that was supposed to end all future wars.
  4. Hitler didn’t seize Austria; the overwhelming majority of Austrians wanted to be annexed by Germany.
  5. Hitler didn’t invade every nation in Europe. He never attacked Switzerland or Spain, for example.
  6. The Soviet Union was hardly a peaceful nation. Like the British, the French and the U.S., it invaded other countries. Moreover, some people think Joseph Stalin killed more people than Adolf Hitler did.
  7. There is powerful evidence that Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in a quest for living space and natural resources. However, the evidence isn’t conclusive.

The Nazis’ horrifying atrocities left their mark in all the countries they overran. Nowhere was this truer than France, the country Hitler hated most. Red flag

  1. One of the biggest ironies of WWII is the fact that the German invasion of France was arguably a more civil affair than the French Revolution. Many French citizens were certainly killed during the invasion, and the Germans enacted the same repressive measures conquering armies normally enact. But there were few, if any, orgies of mass rape, torture or slaughter. The Nazis certainly didn’t bring any guillotines with them.

However, the darkest deeds were performed in Germany itself, where lampshades were even made of human skin—the skin of Jews, of course. Red flag

  1. This fairy tale is so far-fetched even the Jews seldom repeat it any more.

All might have been lost if the United States hadn’t entered the war in 1941, after Hitler foolishly declared war on the U.S. for no legitimate reason whatsoever. The turning point of the war was the Allied landing at Normandy Beach in France, remembered as D-Day. It was by far the most significant battle of WWII. Red flagRed flagRed flag

  1. Saying Germany had no legitimate beef with the U.S. is a stretch. The U.S. was working behind the scenes to support Germany’s enemies. There were also a lot of powerful Jews in the U.S. who were constantly scheming against countries not under their control. Moreover, Hitler couldn’t have forgotten the fact that the U.S. had helped defeat Germany in World War I—a war that was none of the United States’ business.
  2. Though D-Day was indeed a very important event, it might be more accurate to call it the turning point of the war on the Western Front, rather than the turning point of the entire war.
  3. The fiercest fighting of the war occurred on the Eastern Front. Several battles between the Germans and the Soviets made D-Day look like a picnic.

Though the Soviet Union was allied with the United Kingdom, France and the U.S., it operated in the shadows and isn’t popularly remembered as one of the good guys, because it was a communist country. Indeed, the Allies quickly found themselves united against a new enemy as WWII was replaced by the Cold War. Red flag

  1. It’s true that the Western powers didn’t embrace the Soviet Union with enthusiasm. However, the USSR hardly operated in the shadows. As related above, it bore the brunt of the fighting.

The war in the Pacific pitted the U.S. and its allies against Imperial Japan, which sucker punched the U.S. with a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, destroying more than four dozen ships. Though some bloody battles were fought, particularly on the island of Iwo Jima, the Japanese were no match for the U.S., which humanely ended the war by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, effectively eliminating the need for an even bloodier invasion of Japan. Red flagRed flag

  1. The attack on Pearl Harbor remains one of World War II’s biggest mysteries. Many people believe the U.S. knew about the pending attack but deliberrately look the other way. Why? Because an attack on the U.S. would give the government an excuse to declare war against Japan.
  2. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, along with the fire bombings of Tokyo and Dresden, Germany, rank among history’s greatest de facto war crimes. Many people believe the U.S. dropped atomic bombs in order to intimidate the Soviet Union. Of course, playing with its new toy was also good practice.

The biggest heroes of World War II included the British bulldog Winston Churchill and U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who pulled the U.S. out of the Great Depression before taking on the racist Nazis. People from South Africa to India thanked Churchill and Roosevelt for protecting them from the evils of Naziism. Red flagRed flagRed flagRed flag

  1. For whatever it’s worth, Churchill wasn’t re-elected after WWII. Nor was he a hero to the millions of colonial subjects who knew him as a racist tyrant.
  2. Speaking of racists, it’s interesting to note that, during the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, U.S. track star Jesse Owens was congratulated by Adolf Hitler, but U.S. president Frankilin D. Roosevelt only met with white athletes. This strange fact is a reminder that the U.S. fought the racist Nazis with a segregated military, with black people back home not even allowed to vote and most Native Americans confined to reservations. And let’s not forget the Japanese interment.
  3. In fact, WWII generally coincided with the Great Depression. The U.S. government embraced war as a scheme for making money. Bombing factories in Europe and Japan was a great way to reduce competition.
  4. Here’s a piece of trivia they don’t teach in school: Approximately THREE MILLION Indians starved to death as Churchill forced his colonial servants to support the war effort. That’s half the number of Jews that were allegedly killed by the Germans, and the Indians were truly innocent. (See How Churchill Starved India)

One grisly statistic says it all: Six million innocent Jews died in German gas chambers. It was by far the greatest crime against humanity ever. Red flagRed flagRed flag

  1. No one knows for sure how many Jews died in Germany.
  2. No one knows for sure if any Jews died in gas chambers.
  3. Whether or not the Holocaust ranks as the greatest crime against humanity is a matter of opinion. Some would argue that it was one of the best things that ever happened.

Today, the swastika is all that remains of Hitler’s evil vision, representing nothing but Naziism. Red flag

  1. Actually, the swastika is one of Finland’s national emblems. In fact, the swastika has been used by various Eurasian peoples for thousands of years. It has even been used by some Native Americans.

One of the few bright spots was the creation of Israel, a concept that was born out of the ashes of World War II. Red flagRed flag

  1. If a global poll was taken, most people would probably not describe Israel as a bright spot.
  2. Actually, the groundwork for the creation of Israel was laid long before World War II. That’s one of the reasons some conspiracy analysts think WWII was manipulated or even started by the Jews.
* * * * *

Have your eyes been opened?

I just gave you a list of exactly three dozen red flags. If you don’t agree with all of my opinions, it really doesn’t make much difference. If you could shoot down two thirds of my arguments, we’d still be left with a dozen red flags.

Red flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flagRed flag

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Truther’s Guide to World War II isn’t going to be an encyclopedic work. It will touch on a lot of topics, including some fringe conspiracy theory, but the foundation of the book is simple: A list of 100 red flags.

Of course, a simple list of red flags might be a little dull, so we’ll explore them in a little more detail—and we won’t focus on World War II alone. After all, the three million people who died in India never fought in the war.

We’ll take a look at the global economy, the Bolshevik Revolution and the mass starvation that made the first half of the twentieth century such a desperate era.

Most people think of World War II as a battle between good and evil. I see it as a power struggle between rival European nations, European powers and their colonial subjects, Western capitalism vs communism and the rich versus the poor. And guess who was caught right in the middle?

Adolf Hitler.

Why Study Philosophy?

What is the meaning of life?

That is one of the questions most famously associated with philosophy. Yet many philosophers don’t consider it a rational question.

How do you define meaning? And if you can figure out the meaning of meaning, then you have to define life. To the best of my knowledge, even biologists haven’t yet come up with a single, airtight definition of life. How can a virus hope to find a purpose amidst such confusion?

Tough Road to Hoe

One could spend a lifetime trying to understand philosophy.

To put it in perspective, imagine if you just wanted to understand the works of Socrates, commonly considered the father of philosophy. Which isn’t to say he was the first philosopher; that title is popularly accorded another Greek philosopher, Thales of Miletus. But Socrates towers over Thales of Miletus like Che Guevara over the cowardly American Sniper, Chris Kyles.

Socrates rivals Che Guevara as one of history’s most famous martyrs. Like many great thinkers, he was persecuted for his beliefs and was eventually forced to commit suicide, a fate he reportedly embraced with great stoicism.

Unfortunately, almost unbelievably, Socrates didn’t record his ideas. He reportedly believed that writing makes people lazy, encouraging them to not memorize things.

The good news is that one of Socrates’ students, Plato, recorded his tutor’s ideas. So studying the works of Plato is a great way to learn about the ideas of two great philosophers, Socrates and Plato.

You can start by visiting a library or bookstore and getting a copy of Republic (aka The Republic of Plato), Plato’s best known work. You might even be able to download a free copy from iBooks, Amazon or another online bookseller.

Warning: Just as Socrates disliked writing, so did Plato neglect to illustrate his philosophical works. In fact, even most modern philosophical works are characterized by their lack of illustrations. Readers have to wade through hundreds and thousands of pages of often complex ideas without crutches or learning aids.

Versions of Plato’s Republic, which is divided into ten sections or books, are typically 400-500 pages.

Most people would find it difficult to memorize 400 pages, which means they need to read it a second time to more fully understand it. And you can probably get even more out of it if you read it a third and fourth time.

If you’re a U.S. citizen, you’re probably going to read an English translation. That’s right, Plato wrote in Greek, ancient Greek, and a lot was likely lost in the translation. Philosophers put words under microscopes, giving them precise, almost mathematical meanings.

Of course, vernacular languages (e.g. ancient Greek) have their quirks, many of them long forgotten, in the case of ancient Greek. Ancient peoples also had different cultural values and a different perspective on the world they lived in. They effectively lived on an alien planet, very different than the dying planet we live on today.

In other words, a lot has been lost in the translation. And it gets still worse.

Plato lived over 2,400 years ago, and some believe the oldest extant manuscript dates to more than 1,200 years after his death, making it difficult to know exactly what Plato wrote. Just imagine writing a book today that becomes so popular it’s amazingly not forgotten 1,200 years in the future, when it’s reprinted. After another millennium, a race of people possessing cultural values and technology we can’t even imagine discover the reprint and begin reading and pondering it.

The Slow Lane

Speaking of millennia, some of the things Plato wrote about more than 2,000 years ago are still being debated. And if it takes that long for philosophers to figure out things as basic as truth and justice, then what hope is there in our fast-paced modern world? Like the starship Enterprise, technology is accelerating at a dizzying pace, leaving philosophical inquiry in the dust.

Imagine a political activist who wants to save endangered species or protect the planet from Bill Gates’ genetically modified everything. Anyone who wants to be a well-rounded activist might embrace philosophy. But if it takes fifty years to really figure things out, then our activist may be in a nursing home before she’s ready to fight the good fight.

Choose Your Belief System

While scientists rally around a single general theory of gravity and a single broad theory of evolution, philosophers may have an infinite number of choices.

One of the big divides in philosophy is theism—the belief in a supreme being or deities. Most philosophers are either theists or non-theists.

Theists can in turn be divided into Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and many other religious faiths. Non-theism includes agnosticism, ignosticism, ietsism, skepticism, pantheism, atheism (including strong and implicit atheism) and apatheism.

And if you can’t find a niche that you feel comfortable with, you can always create a new one.


One of the ironies of philosophy is the fact that people who pride themselves on their capacity for rational thought can believe in a Christian god that preaches love and justice, then smites people with the most horrible suffering imaginable, even condemning many to burn forever in Hell. The Christian god also plays favorites, exalting Christians and/or Jews above everyone else.

Christianity also brings us head first into one of philosophy’s biggest debates: Is there such a thing as free will?

Christians believe that God is an all-powerful, all-knowing being who knows what everyone is thinking. He also knows the future.

That means God presumably knows whether you’re going to Heaven or Hell, which suggests that you’ve already been reserved a spot in one or the other. So what’s the point of going to church if it has already been decided that you’re going to Hell?

In fact, philosophy is rife with paradoxes and roadblocks. The most brilliant, seemingly logical ideas are often countered by equally brilliant, logical counter-arguments. It sometimes seems like the universe is just one big Catch-22.


If you think philosophers, like scientists, are really classy people who wouldn’t think of stooping to propaganda, think again.

Science and philosophy have both been infiltrated and manipulated by an army of propagandists. Their mascot could be Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist who shredded his credentials as a scientist when he began whoring for genetically modified food. Or Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”), who’s working for the Gates Foundation.

In fact, philosophical propaganda may be far bigger and older than most people realize, possibly even pre-dating science. It has been suggested that the Romans tolerated and perhaps even encouraged Christianity because they believed that the people they exploited might accept their lot if they believed they could find relief in a glorious afterlife.

In the meantime, modern philosophical propaganda has become increasingly sophisticated, and it can be as difficult to identify as a virus.

Good job, philosophers!

If you still aren’t convinced that philosophy is a lost cause, consider the fact that everything’s going to Hell.

We’ve possessed the ability to exterminate the human race for more than half century, and the number of nations possessing nuclear weapons continues to grow. Biochemical weapons could be even more dangerous.

But why worry about World War III when population growth, climate change and genetically modified food are already pushing us into a rut from which it’s increasingly hard to escape?

The Good News

Now that I’ve drug philosophy through the mud and convinced you that studying it is about as useful as racing the wind, let me explain why I love philosophy.

1. It expands the mind.

If you’re a U.S. citizen and armchair politician, you’re probably either a liberal or a conservative. And if someone asks you about your religious preferences, there’s a good chance you’ll tell them you’re a Christian or an atheist.

And you’re either pro-war or anti-war, pro-choice or anti-abortion.

No wonder people around the world think Americans are stupid; they appear to see everything in black-and-white.

If you’ve studied philosophy, you will likely see political and religious beliefs as gradients or as possibilities among a sometimes infinite number of choices.

You really can’t understand philosophy without opening your mind. Once you make the decision to open your mind, philosophy will expand it.

2. Word Definition

If you’re a newcomer to a political forum and you post a question or answer that includes words like truth, morality or justice, forum members may ask what you mean.

Such words have very precise meanings in the realm of philosophy, forcing students to do their homework and think carefully before making a statement.

Philosophy is thus a great aid for people who want to study political science, law and other disciplines that place an emphasis on language.

3. Politix

As the name suggests, political science is a science, allied with the social sciences. However, one can’t really understand politix (a word I coined to embrace the full spectrum of political topics) without some understanding of philosophy.

One of the primary branches of philosophy is value theory, which includes ethics. Ethics in turn includes concepts like good and evil, fairness and justice.

Such ideas make politix meaningful, even passionate. Without a sense of justice, Che Guevara might have been just another asshole politician, like Obama or Donald Trump.

4. Golden Nuggets

If you can sort through all the seemingly meaningless theory, conflicts, paradoxes and belief systems, you may discover some nuggets of truly useful information. Believe it or not, you might even discover that you couldn’t survive without philosophy.

Let me give you an analogy to describe my perspective on philosophy.

People have been practicing medicine for thousands of years. Yet today, even with our sophisticated medical technology, we still don’t have a cure for arthritis or the common cold (as far as I know). In fact, it could be argued that our health is going downhill, since we’ve effectively taken natural selection out of the picture. People may live longer lives than they did centuries ago, but they aren’t necessarily healthier.

But if I had a chance to jump into a time machine and travel back in time 100,000 years to a period when the entire planet was a pristine paradise, I probably wouldn’t turn the ignition switch unless I knew it would just be a temporary visit.

Besides being addicted to ice cream and recorded music, I’d be terrified of living in a world devoid of modern medical technology. In fact, doctors have saved my life at least three times.

Similarly, we couldn’t live together in over-populated cities and nations without relatively well developed ethics. I’m not a big fan of urbanism, but it’s a fact of life.

* * * * *

So does this mean we should study philosophy at least ten hours a day for the rest of our lives?

Not at all, though I do think philosophy should be considered a life skill, similar to language skills (reading and writing) and math.

I focus primarily on philosophy as it relates to politix. I also focus on what might be loosely termed practical philosophy as opposed to the concepts that only physicists can understand. I’m also a big believer in reality.

One of the ironies of philosophy is that many of the experts have amazingly limited experience in the game of life. They’ve never been a poor minority, never served in the military, never been a classroom teacher or a political activist, never climbed a mountain in the middle of a remote wilderness.

I’ve experienced all the above, except for being a poor minority.

To put it in perspective, there are may philosophical topics I can’t even discuss, because I simply lack the prerequisites (often including vocabulary) to navigate them (for now). But, at the same time, I’m constantly discovering philosophical arguments—particularly ones involving politix—on forums that I can shoot down in an instant.

This gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge may be evidence of a lack of understanding, but it often betrays a propagandist posing as a philosophy student.

This brings us to another paradox: The most complex philosophical ideas can sometimes be torpedoed by a person who has actually lived on a farm or worked for a corrupt corporation.

Learn more about the book Political Psychology and Philosophy.

Owned by the Jews

In March 2018, Trayon [misspelled Trayson in an article that appeared in the Washington Post] White Sr. posted a video on his Facebook page as snow flurries were pelting the nation’s capital. In the video, Trayon blames the snowfall on the Rothschilds, a Jewish banking dynasty that he accuses of controlling the weather.

Trayon White

Trayon White: Moron or jigger? (Photo public domain)

The incident is a classic example of a conspiracy within a conspiracy.

First, White isn’t an ordinary citizen; he’s a member of Washington, D.C.’s city council.

Second, White is black.

No one is a bigger fan of (intelligent) conspiracy theory than me, and I’m not troubled by claims that the Rothschilds manipulated and possibly even started one or even both world wars. Nor is it impossible to modify the weather.

But claims that the Rothschilds are inducing excess snowfall over Washington, D.C. can hardly be taken seriously. We’re not talking fringe conspiracy here; rather, it’s crackpot conspiracy theory.

Rigged System Picks Moron?

Let’s think about this rationally.

If you know anything about the U.S. political system, you know it’s corrupt. Almost unbelievably corrupt.

As a former candidate for public office, I can tell you that even liberal Seattle is corrupt beyond your wildest dreams. For all practical purposes, there are no elections here; public officials are selected by corporate interests, then effectively installed at the end of a phony election designed to make citizens think they actually have a voice in government.

Now think about it: If you’re going to install a person on the city council representing the capital of the United States, are you going to select someone stupid enough to believe the Rothschilds are manipulating the weather? And would a person in the public eye really be stupid enough to air his views on Facebook?

This is a classic example of a multi-conspiracy, one that targets both conspiracy theorists and black people.

First, it reinforces the notion that conspiracy theorists are kooks. Second, it reinforces the notion that black people are racist (“anti-Semitic” in Jewspeak).

Of course, the victims are the poor Jews, who have been unjustifiably blamed for just about everything from betraying Jesus to creating ISIS.

But why would a man in Trayon White’s position want to make himself look like a fool? Why would he want to make black people in general look like clueless racists?

He’s obviously being rewarded. By whom?

Working for the Jews

Take a wild guess.

Trayon White is a classic example of an Uncle Tom, a term traditionally applied to black people who sell out other black people by doing the white plantation master’s bidding.

But White is more precisely working for the Jews.

It’s interesting that the media freely glean photos of White from his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and he doesn’t sue them for copyright infringement.

The term jigger is an ethnic slur that’s roughly synonymous with the N-word. In more recent times, some people have applied the term to Jews who act like black people (e.g. Jewish rap artists).

The term could also be applied to black people who sell out their own to the Jews. In this sense, Trayon White is a textbook example of a jigger.

Not surprisingly, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League; aka Jewish Gestapo) cried foul after White posted his conspiratorial video. Nor was White’s reaction a surprise: He apologized, a reminder that all black people should bow down before the almighty and all righteous Jews.

Dumb and Dumber

But White’s enlistment in the ADL Auxiliary hasn’t expired.

To cement his apology, White agreed to visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, a franchise that has become nearly as familiar as Kentucky Fried Chicken in large cities across America. During his tour, White was shown a photo, allegedly taken in 1935, depicting a woman surrounded by “Nazi stormtroopers.” Hanging from her neck is a large sign that reads “I am a German girl and allowed myself to be defiled by a Jew.”

After studying the image, White asked “Are they protecting her?”

I can’t vouch for the authenticity or true nature of this photo. It’s entirely possible that the stormtroopers depicted in the photo are actually Jews dressed as stormtroopers. But only a village idiot would look at such a picture and suggest that the evil Nazis are protecting a woman carrying such a provocative message—in the headquarters of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Inc., no less.

And so, Trayon White will apparently be an ongoing reminder that, even as black people are terrorized by rogue cops working for the Jews, the real victims are the poor, millionaire Jews who are constantly embarrassed by stupid, racist black people.

Trayon White’s soul mate could well be media whore Oprah Winfrey, who courageously supported America’s first jigger pResident, Obama. Loosely speaking, Donald Trump might be called a jigger as well, though some would just call him an old-fashioned Uncle Tom.

Could NeoNazis be working for the Jews, too? I’ll have much more to say about this topic in Jews 101.

Ten Cheers for Holocaust Denial

Jews have given us some of humankind’s greatest inventions—well, at least one, the atomic bomb.

But they’ve also ranked among the world’s best propagandists for more than 2,000 years. You’ve probably heard about the Exodus, the fairy tale that relates how the Jews built Egypt’s pyramids while being held in bondage by the pharaohs. Except archaeologists now say the story is baloney.

One of the saddest words in the English language is anti-Semitism, which even Encyclopedia Britannica describes as “a misnomer.” That doesn’t stop Jews from misappropriating the word, using it as a synonym of anti-Jew and applying it to just about anyone who says anything critical of Jews, Israel or Zionism, even if it’s blatantly true.

You can learn about my crusade against anti-Semitism @

Another thing the Jews have done a splendid thing of mangling is the Holocaust.

The mainstream account claims that six million Jews were executed in gas chambers by the Nazis during World War II. We’re also told that there was no rational reason behind the Holocaust; the Jews were innocent scapegoats—a theme that runs through Jewish history for more than 2,000 years. (The one big exception is the story about Jesus chasing the Jewish money changers out of his temple. After all, you can’t argue with Jesus. But that’s another story.)

The Jews have coined a term to support their version of the Holocaust: Holocaust denial.

If you think a Holocaust denier is a person who denies the Holocaust happened, take another guess; that would be far too honest for the Jews.

In fact, Holocaust denial includes just about any aspect of questioning or ridiculing the official account. If you ask if it’s possible that less than six million Jews perished, you’re a Holocaust denier. If you ask if a couple thousand could have died as the result of Allied bombing raids, you’re a Holocaust denier. If you suggest the Germans may have had some legitimate complaints against the Jews, you’re a Holocaust denier.

If someone raises the American flag while the national anthem is playing, you’re expected to stand at attention with your hand over your heart. No questions asked. If a teacher asks a first grade class to stand for the pledge of allegiance, the students are expected to follow orders, even if they’re too young to understand what allegiance means.

In a similar vein, the Holocaust can be likened to a religious doctrine based on faith and enforced by conformism (e.g. peer pressure) and intimidation.

Enough is enough; it’s time to grow a spine. Listed below are ten reasons the Holohoax deserves nothing more than your middle finger.

1. Historical Accuracy

Have you ever heard the maxim “History is written by the victor”?

It’s very true.

To put it in perspective, most of what we know about ancient Greece was written by ancient Greeks. Most of what we know (or think we know) about ancient Carthage was written by the people who destroyed it, the Romans. Most of what we know about Native Americans was written by white people.

Not surprisingly, historians are continually rewriting history. From ancient battles to Watergate, the stories change as more details are discovered. Historical interpretations can also vary with perspective. (Were ancient wars caused by political leaders, or were they ultimately driven by population growth and availability of resources?)

Even in the less flaky sciences, asking questions isn’t just OK, it’s essential.

To begin with, science is driven by curiosity. At the same time, our understanding of things is seldom perfect, and people often make mistakes to boot. There’s nothing wrong with taking a fresh look at a puzzle thought to be already solved.

Moreover, the mainstream Holocaust account contains a lot of red flags, similar to the mainstream 9/11 account. There is in fact abundant evidence suggesting that the details of the mainstream Holocaust account may not jibe with reality.

A related question concerns the rationale behind the Holocaust. Were innocent Jews irrationally scapegoated, or did they bring the Holocaust on themselves?

Though I haven’t yet formed a final opinion, my current belief is that millions of Jews paid for the crimes of a subset of Jews (corrupt Jews or Jewarchists). Some people believe the infamous Rothschilds advanced their goals by throwing other Jews under the bus, an idea I don’t find hard to believe.

I further think it’s likely that a significant percentage of Jews died as a result of Allied bombing raids. Whether a single Jew died in a gas chamber is something I don’t know; it’s possible, but I’m not fully convinced. Nor am I convinced that the total death toll was six million, though, again, it’s possible.

2. Morality

Suppose it could be proved that the Germans took just a quarter million Jews prisoner, using them as slave labor, and 95% died as a result of Allied air raids, with the other 5% dying from a combination of Nazi brutality (though none died in gas chambers) and natural causes.

This would still qualify as a heinous act. Nevertheless, if it could be proved that every adult prisoner was complicit in exploiting German citizens, some might argue that the Holocaust was at least partially justified, but what about the children?

They could be simply dismissed as “collateral damage,” an excuse the U.S. and Israel use while terrorizing people around the world 24/7.

I’m not saying it’s OK to casually dismiss children as collateral damage. I’m just pointing out that has long been standard practice for the U.S. and Israel.

3. Free Speech

Over 400,000 Americans gave their lives in World War II, which the Jews think revolved around Jews (forget the millions of gentiles who perished on the Eastern Front). So most of those U.S. citizens gave their lives to rescue the Jews, who were then allowed to emigrate to the U.S., where many grew rich and powerful at the expense of other U.S. citizens, and they show their gratitude by insulting anyone who asks questions about WWII or the Holocaust? They insult anyone who doesn’t support Israeli policy. They insult taxpayers who object to their tax dollars being used to slaughter innocent Muslims while Israeli Jews stand on the sidelines, grinning from ear to ear.

Jews have been brainwashing U.S. citizens for generations. Today, the First Amendment is under attack as never before as the McCarthy Witch-Hunt is replaced by the Anti-Semite Witch-Hunt.

In some European countries, Holocaust denial is illegal—and they cast their nets wide and deep. Asking the wrong questions or making a Nazi salute in jest can land you behind bars.

Fortunately, no U.S. citizens have been prosecuted for Holocaust denial (that I’m aware of)—yet. However, recent trends suggest similar laws could soon be enacted in the U.S. The Jews are certainly pushing for Holocaust legislation.

In the meantime, Holocaust denial can torpedo a person’s career or reputation. Just check the news for the latest college professor who’s under fire for “anti-Semitism” or “Holocaust denial.” If Muslims were taking over our colleges, U.S. citizens would be up in arms.

4. Double Standard

The Holocaust industry, as many people have come to refer to it, is rife with double standards.

To put it in perspective, let’s ask why Holocaust denial is vilified.

There are two primary reasons. First, we are told that the mainstream account is the one true account, and any deviations from the mainstream account are therefore lies. Second, we are told that Holocaust denial incites hatred.

Just for argument’s sake, suppose the mainstream account is indeed true, and all the “Holocaust deniers” are de facto liars.

No one hates lying more than I do, but is lying supported by the First Amendment? Even if the answer was NO, could we realistically prosecute everyone who lies?

In fact, there are thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans who are professional liars. They’re called politicians, media whores and lawyers. Why should people who lie about the Holocaust be vilified or punished when professional liars may be handsomely rewarded for spouting even more outrageous lies?

Keep in mind that Jews are a potent force behind the media, which are frighteningly corrupt. In fact, it’s commonly believed that they control the media. It would be difficult to figure out a way to rate the races according to truthfulness, but Jews could easily qualify as the biggest liars.

And isn’t it hypocritical for Jews who support the ongoing persecution of Muslims to whine about inciting hatred?

The Nazis were in power for about fifteen years. Jews were in the war business at least a century earlier. Jews have long exported misery and terror from their capitalist headquarters in New York City and Washington, D.C. Israel has been a terrorist state since its birth in 1948.

And I’m still not through, because there’s also a double standard regarding the treatment of Holocaust victims in the U.S. pResident Obama gave millions of dollars to U.S. citizens living in poverty who claimed to be Holocaust victims.

Of course, the Holocaust wasn’t a picnic, and what a drag to escape that inferno for a life of poverty. But let’s remember that the U.S. had nothing to do with the Holocaust, which occurred on the other side of the world.

Why didn’t Obama give any money to descendants of America’s Southeast Asian Holocaust who are living in poverty? What about black people and Native Americans who are living in poverty?

5. Racism

The Holocaust industry is racist to the core.

First, we’re told that the Holocaust was the worst event in all of history. Suggestions that the Native American Holocaust (which still hasn’t ended) might be worse are brushed off with a number of arguments. (The Nazis may have killed a lesser number of people, but they did it in a shorter period of time. Besides, the Indians were primitive savages who weren’t making money off of America’s natural resources.)

Slavery can’t compare to the Holocaust, even if the descendants of slaves had to endure Jim Crow while waiting another century for the right to vote, after which they were still treated like an inferior species, especially by Jews and the fascist police who work for Jews. Have you ever done any research on Belgium’s King Leopold’s atrocities in the Congo?

I’ve already mentioned Obama’s stunt, giving tax dollars to Holocaust survivors while thumbing his nose at everyone else.

And what about the Germans?

Probability no other nationality has been demonized more ferociously than the Germans, who were exploited by the Jews even before World War II. Today, the exploitation goes on, as Germany pays alleged Holocaust survivors Holocaust dividends and gives Israel submarines, while Jews continue to heap verbal abuse on the German people.

Then there’s the Muslims, who have replaced the Communists as Jewmerica’s greatest enemy.

Maybe we should add racism to the list of the Jews’ double standards.

6. Political Arena

Just for argument’s sake, suppose the mainstream Holocaust account is 100% true.

Now imagine a Muslim child who’s rudely awakened by the sound of soldiers breaking down the front door. The soldiers crash in, raping her older sister and mother before killing the entire family. At the same time, ISIS—an alleged Muslim terrorist group that oddly never attacks Israel—is terrorizing more innocent Muslims.

Would it be OK for someone who has survived that kind of ordeal to vent their rage by claiming the Holocaust was a hoax, or, conversely, praising it as the best thing since cream cheese?

What about U.S. citizens—or the citizens of any country that is exploited by Jewish bankers—who want to give Jews a piece of their mind?

This brings us back to free speech, and free speech includes fair speech.

7. HolocaustTM, Inc.

Holohoax button

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Native Americans could make half as much money off their suffering as Jews rake in via the “Holocaust industry,” as some people refer to it? Jewish insiders call it Shoa business.

Norman Finklestein (a Jew) wrote a book titled The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering. In his book, Finklestein—who lost relatives in the Holocaust—argues that the American Jewish establishment exploits the memory of the Holocaust for political and financial gain, as well as to further Israel’s interests.


8. Red Flags

As we’ve seen, the mainstream Holocaust account, along with the Holocaust denier witch-hunt, are studded with red flags. Perhaps none is bigger than the Soviet flag.

If any country was more drenched in blood than Germany during the first half of the twentieth century, it was the Soviet Union, and not all the blood was shed by German invaders.

In 1904-1905, Russia was defeated by Japan in the Russo-Japanese War. Japan’s war effort was bankrolled by a U.S. Jew named Jacob Schiff, who later became a member of President Woodrow Wilson’s inner circle.

After briefly participating in World War I (which some people believe was manipulated and perhaps even started by the Jews, including Woodrow Wilson’s advisors), Russia was wracked by a bloody Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. (There were actually two civil wars.)

Things calmed down for a while, but Joseph Stalin’s rise to political office in 1922 was an omen of worse things to come. By 1937, Stalin had become the Soviet Union’s de facto dictator. He is also remembered as one of history’s bloodiest tyrants.

No one knows how many people died under Stalin’s regime, but some think he killed more people than Hitler did.

Another show stopper was the Soviet gulag, a system of forced labor camps that persisted into the 1950’s. American military personnel who were taken prisoner by the Germans were generally well cared for, and most returned home alive. But some 5,000 Americans who were taken prisoners by the Soviets near the end of the war were never seen again.

No one wrote about the gulag more forcefully than Alexander Solzhenitsyn (author of The Gulag Archipelago, 1973), who was awarded the 1970 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Nowhere did Solzhenitsyn receive more acclaim than the United States, where he lived for a while after he was deported from the Soviet Union. But the honeymoon ended with the publication of Two Hundred Years Together in 2001-2002.

A comprehensive history of Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union during the years 1795-1995, the book made the fatal mistake of not casting the Jews as innocent victims. In fact, Stalin’s top executioners were Jews. Many people still believe that Stalin himself was a Jew.

The irony is that Two Hundred Years Together has never been published in the United States, where Solzhenitsyn was once treated like a literary god. Go figure.

9. Education

At least five states (California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey and New York) have laws maintaining that children in public schools be taught about the Holocaust.

Of course, students are taught the mainstream version, which means their young mind are being filled with lies.

In fact, Holocaust disinformation has spilled over from the media onto the Internet. One of the biggest offenders is Wikipedia, which has seemingly become a mouthpiece for the Jews.

10. Innocent Jews?

As stated earlier, I acknowledge that the Germans did persecute Jews, including children. Even if everything I’ve written about the Holocaust is true, shouldn’t I show more sensitivity towards the survivors?

That’s a complex question, one I can’t definitively answer.

Let’s focus on the adults first. How many were truly innocent? Obviously, not all German Jews were corrupt bankers or media whores. But Jewish bankers and media whores certainly had relatives and friends, just as corporate tycoons and media whores have relatives and circles of friends and colleagues in the U.S. today.

The Jews frequently claim that all Germans bear guilt regarding the Holocaust because they knew what was happening but chose to look the other way. Could the same thing be said about the Jews?

Today, millions of people around the world are being eaten alive by the Jews, and it’s damn hard finding any Jews who give a damn. So why should anyone give a damn about them?

The remaining problem is the children. There’s no way their suffering can be called fair. But it’s important to bear in mind that they weren’t alone. Millions of children died during WWII, and many, if not most, of them weren’t Jews. Jews were cruelly exploiting families in Germany and other countries long before WWII. Today, literally millions of Muslim children have been slaughtered, orphaned, left homeless or transformed into refugees.

So if you’re a Holocaust survivor who wants to give me a piece of your mind, don’t waste your time. Why not grow a backbone and tear into the Jewish gangsters who brought the Holocaust down on you in the first place?

* * * * *

So am I a Holocaust denier?

In Jewspeak, the answer is yes. But the truthful answer is NO.

I believe the Germans really did persecute Jews, just as Jews have been persecuted through the centuries.

However, as related in my article, I don’t accept the mainstream Holocaust account. Nor do I believe the Jews were all innocent scapegoats; I believe they brought the Holocaust on themselves, just as they brought a series of European pogroms on themselves.

Proud Holocaust Denier button
I’ll have much more to say about the Holohoax in Jews 101.

Protest Paradox

It’s a bright spring day, and a young Jewish student is shopping when he’s suddenly distracted by a commotion. As the noise increases, he suddenly sees a throng of people marching down the street carrying protest signs.

As they get closer still, he discovers that they’re anti-Semites. The signs display hateful things, like “Fuck Israel,” “Jews – Go back to Germany!” and “Heil Hitler!”

The student is torn between disgust and fear. A mob of police suddenly appear, spraying the protesters with tear gas and savaging a few with batons and rubber bullets.

Several Jews who have gathered to watch the display cheer for the police. They laugh with glee as they watch the police manhandle protesters. They talk about going to court and doing what they can to get the protesters sentenced to prison. At the very least, maybe they can make them lose their jobs.

Now imagine a group of black protesters carrying signs that read “Fuck white people” and “Burn Baby Burn!”

If I saw such a protest, I’d raise a clenched fist in support. Why?

Because I understand why minorities might be angry at white people. The white race has long ruled the world. Though not all white people are on board, most are complicit in often subtle ways, from voting for racist candidates to simple apathy.

Do you see the difference?

Instead of getting defensive, Jews should ask why so many people are critical of Jews, Israel and Zionism. They should identify the problems and try to fix them. Instead, they just label everyone who criticizes anything Jewish “anti-Semitic.” That combination of stupidity, hypocrisy and arrogance only pours fuel on the flame.

There is a catch; if Jews dared to face the truth, they might discover some dark truths. But human nature itself has a dark side. There can be no morality without facing the truth.

For people who can’t handle Jews 101.