Welcome to KPow Books, the home of books that are so radically true they would be banned from most U.S. bookstores and libraries. In other words, KPow Books is the home of FREE SPEECH. A glance at the titles below illustrates the fact that I tackle even the most taboo subjects, including conspiracy, Jews, and World War True.

What Is Conspiracy? and China vs USA are available through a variety of online vendors, including Amazon. However, most of my books are available only on my websites because Amazon and other vendors would ban them. Even purchasing advertising is difficult.

Mr. Skeptic”The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence becomes an act of rebellion.” — Albert Camus


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This series consist of five books, three of which should be published by the end of the year (2023). Geobop’s Symbols probably won’t be published until 2024. Eventually, I may also publish books focusing on the symbols of individual states. The only such book published so far is My Maine Symbols.
U.S. Symbols Geobop’s State Symbols My State Symbols Book
Flag Quest Grading the States My Maine Symbols


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This series will tentatively consist of seven books, all of which I hope to publish in 2023.
Politix 101 Mind Games Political Philosophy
2024 2024 2024
Conspiracy Science Jews 101 WW True
2024 2024 2024
The Hitler Paradox    


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China vs USA China vs the Jews China Watch
PUBLISHED 2024 January 2025


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Part of the Introduction to Politix series, Jews 101 will hopefully be published in 2024.
JewSpeak Jew's Who Jew Cup
2024 2025 ?
Holohoax Jew Brains Jew Sex
2024 2025+ 2025+
Jewgle Jewhole Jewmerica
2025+ 2024 2025+
Rantisemitism Jew Flu Jewattle
2025+ PUBLISHED 2025+


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I listed Jew Flu and Jewattle again because they both have a strong Seattle connection.
Jew Flu Bill Gates SeaWA Politics
PUBLISHED 2024 2024


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What Is Conspiracy? Conspiracy Planet Fallacy Pro
PUBLISHED 2026 2025

After more than three decades of writing and publishing articles on the Internet and more than a quarter century of political activism, I’m beginning to compile my experiences, research and ideas into a variety of books. I’ve been working on many of these books for years, letting them slowly evolve.

* The fine print…

I’ve been known to miss my deadlines by months or even years. This schedule is thus only tentative.

Most of these books will be available as digital books (ebooks) only. However, What Is Conspiracy? and China vs USA will also be published as paperbacks.

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U.S. and State Symbols ˆ

The books in my state symbols series are also more political than you might think. Learn more at symbols.gegobop.com.