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Two Books to Ponder

August 12, 2019: I’m still working on my state symbols project, with a goal of (finally) finishing it before Thanksgiving. I’ve been dividing my time between that project and politix.

See my article about America’s most celebrated pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein and get ready for the first authentic book about conspiracy science ever.

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Geobop’s first two books (State Symbols and Conspiracy Science 101) are as different as night and day…or are they?

In fact, there’s a surprising amount of conspiracy in Geobop’s State Symbols. After all, symbols have long been used as propaganda tools. And if you’re looking for more hard core conspiracy, you’ll want to read about the Wright Brothers conspiracy, which has ignited a feud between Connecticut, North Carolina and Ohio. (Which state was really first in flight?)

And what are we to make of the endless controversy raging around Confederate symbols when Washington State’s flag depicts a slave owner? What can we say about a state (Tennessee) that designates a sniper rifle able to down commercial airliners its official rifle? What about the nationwide drive to designate English the official language?

As both a reference and a provocateur, Geobop’s State Symbols blows away the competition.

Conspiracy Science 101 may be the first book to tackle the title topic.

Most books about conspiracy offer sensationalistic accounts of sensational conspiracies, like the JFK assassination and 9/11. Others, written by propagandists, are little more than slick attempts to deride conspiracy theory and anyone who dares to ask too many questions. The scumbag authors like to label some of the most intelligent, caring people in our midst stupid or kooky.

Conspiracy Science 101 starts out with a rational yet fascinating explanation of conspiracy. If you aren’t a political expert, don’t despair; it’s amazingly easy to understand.

But can a book by an author who doesn’t believe in Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) and who doesn’t believe space aliens have ever visited Earth be any fun?

In fact, there are far more conspiracies swirling around us than most people realize, and some of them may make you wish for space aliens. Yes, you’ll find plenty of sensational stories in this book, including many conspiracy theories you’ve never heard of.

Learn more about these two ground-breaking books.

Geobop’s State Symbols
(tentatively available in June 2018 for $75, followed by a similar book for younger readers @ $25)

Geobop’s Conspiracy Science 101
(tentatively available in September 2018 for $25)


I’m a wildlife biologist turned teacher turned political activist who has a lot to say about the things I love and the things I hate. When I call myself Seattle’s only political activist, I’m only half joking. Explore my Politix series and you’ll understand why my claim may be absolutely true.

In fact, I’ve run for public office several times. In 2016, I ran a historic campaign for Washington State Governor, using my campaign to publicize a word I coined: Jewarchy. More about that in one of my political books.

I was the first to launch a website focusing on state symbols, a topic that breeds more websites every year. Geobop’s State Symbols will be the ultimate state symbols reference, and it’s just the beginning.

You can see my biography at www.davidblomstrom.com.


Congratulations, Croatia, for Beating France (but not the Jews)!

July 15, 2018: In one of the most contoversial World Cup finals ever, Croatia outplayed France yet lost the game, due to some lousy officiating. Although not everyone would agree with that statement, there are many outraged football (aka soccer) fans—hardly limited to Croatians—who do agree. The referee used the new VAR (Video Assistant Referee) …


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