Geobop’s State Symbols

This is where you can comment on my forthcoming book Geobop’s State Symbols.

Let me know what you would like to see (or not see) in such a reference. If you’d like me to notify you when the book is available, you can either leave a message here or contact me.

2 Replies to “Geobop’s State Symbols”

  1. David,

    I saw that you commented on my letter to the editor in the Sun (online edition). I wanted you to know that there is a factual error in my letter that you shouldn’t repeat in your book if you decided to use my letter as any kind of reference.

    My letter states putting Tubman in the revised State Song would be historic as no other state has an African-American or a woman in their song. That turns out not to be true. Tennessee as in one of their 13 “official” state songs a reference to Bessie Smith, an African-American woman. The reference is in an obscure official “Bicentennial (for state of TN) Rap Song,” but it does make my statement factually incorrect.

    I have informed the Sun of my error. I will stop using my “historic first” comment and I just wanted you to know that you shouldn’t repeat it in your book either.

    Good luck with your book.

    Thank you

    Sean Tully

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