Politix 101 is both a series and the flagship of that series.

My original plan was to publish Politix 101 first, since it’s designed as a prerequisite for the other books in the series.

However, I realized it might make more sense to research and write the other books first, then combine the highlights into one book, Politix 101.

Note: I keep getting farther behind schedule, even as I get closer to the finish line. 😉 I’m currently hoping to get Conspiracy Science 101 finished before Thanksgiving (2019). Stay tuned…
Politix 101 cover

I decided to tackle Conspiracy Science 101 first, partly because it’s one of the most intriguing and exciting political topics. I did a lot of work on The Truther’s Guide to World War II, but put it on a back burner so I could focus on conspiracy.

Series 1 covers

The next series of books focus on the tactics that are used to control people. If you don’t think you’ve been brainwashed and manipulated, you need to read these books.

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Political Psychology and Philosophy (PPP) is designed to help you understand how the human mind works—and doesn’t work. We humans suffer from a multitude of cognitive biases, phobias, neuroses and things that probably haven’t even been described yet.

PPP also introduces readers to one of the most important political topics: ethics.

In Mind Control 101, we’ll learn how evil people use sophisticated propaganda techniques (along with some that are amazingly unsophisticated) to exploit our mind’s weak points. You will also learn how to fight back.

Manipulation is the handmaiden of mind control. From phony leaders (“controlled opposition”) to shadow government to fascist police, the bastards who rule the world know how to control your mind and body.

But don’t despair; there are ways to fight back.

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The third series focuses on the enemy…the people who are manipulating us.

At the top of the heap are the Jews. And before you call me “anti-Semitic,” see my Jewarchy website. And if you want to call me anti-Jew or anti-Jewish, I should let you know that I was a big fan of the late Carl Sagan and Senator Paul Wellstone.

Unfortunately, the Jews have some skeletons in their closet, and Jews 101 won’t pull any punches.

Bill Gates is one of history’s biggest conmen. With the help of his sleazy father, he made a vast fortune peddling crappy software, then launched a phony philanthropy racket.

But Bill Gates’ free ride is coming to an end with this book. I live in Bill Gates’ home town and worked in the schools he exploited. I’ve crossed paths with his henchmen during several bids for public office. Now it’s my turn.

The Seattle Mafia will give you a disturbing but educational look at one of the bastions of the New World Order, Seattle. It’s a great city to make a pile of money if you have high-tech skills—or know how to screw people—but there’s a reason people are leaving Seattle like rats deserting a sinking ship.

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This might be described as an organic project, with various titles evolving simultaneously. In other words, I’ve already begun working on all these books and will put more information about them online as time allows.