SeaWA Politix

When I walked into a Seattle library and asked a reference librarian for a general reference on politics in Seattle or Washington State, I knew what the answer would be. Yet I was still stunned when she told me they didn’t have anything on the topic.


SeaWA Politix

Politics is a part of life. It makes daily headlines. Thousands of students study political science every year. And politics is on everyone’s mind during election years.

How is it possible that all of Washington’s Democrats and Republicans combined have never produced such a book? What about those know-it-all Seattle liberals and progressives? What happened to the army of media whores and propagandists who churn out a torrent of bullshit 24/7?

Crank Blethen, David Brewster, Knute “Mossback” Berger—are you awake?

Oh well, screw those bums. I decided to write the book myself.

Let me explain the book’s apparent split personality.

You see, Seattle is Washington’s de facto capital. If you want to understand the social dynamics in Spokane or Bellingham, you have to first understand what makes Seattle tick.

Warning: This book isn’t your typical patriotic salute to the local chamber of commerce. It could more accurately be described as a funeral dirge.

If you haven’t seen the hordes of homeless people that stalk Seattle like zombies, or you haven’t been stabbed in the back by the disgusting pedophiles who run Seattle’s public schools, then you really don’t have a clue about Washington politics, or politix, as I like to call it.

Bonus: This book is illustrated with photos taken with my Huawei Mate 30 Pro smartphone. That’s the Chinese sensation pResident Donald Trump declared war against.

The book will also include some rather interesting pictures I hired various artists to make.

I’m not bragging when I say it’s the best book on the topic. After all, it’s the only book on the topic.

I won’t even attempt to sell this book on Amazon, because I have a lot to say about Jewarchy (Jewish corruption), which isn’t a politically correct topic in the land of free speech.

Moreover, I would just about bet money that not a single library in Washington State will ever stock this book. What do you think?

SeaWA Politix 101 will hopefully be published some time in June or July, 2020.