Progress Report

January 14, 2024—Wow, what a year! I published the bulk of my state symbols series last year, and I published What Is Conspiracy? and China VS USA before that. At the moment, I’m busy upgrading my many websites.

The next book I want to publish is China VS The Jews, which will hopefully be finished this spring. I’m not sure what’s next on the agenda.

I’m anxious to finish my six-book Introduction to Politix series, but I also want to start cranking out books about Jewarchy, and I doubt that I can do it all in one year. Since this is an (s)election year, I would really like to finish my Seattle/Washington State political reference, along with a book about that global asshole, Bill Gates.

My book Jewhole is essentially finished, but I need to do more legal research before I publish it. You can check this website’s home page from time to time to see what books have been published.

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