State Symbols Map

I began researching state symbols in the early 1980’s, when my growing interest in writing began to shape my life.

Symbols of the 50 U.S. states were the focus of the website It was the first state symbols website, and it was also my most popular website by far.

After what seems like a hundred years, I finally have three books near completion.

You can learn about Maine Symbols @ Geobop’s State Symbols and My State Symbols Book are showcased at

Washington State flag proposal
My new Washington State flag proposal is showcased at

Geobop’s State Symbols is the definitive state symbols reference and will probably be priced at $75 or even $100. The other books will tentatively be priced at $25. Even My State Symbols Book—a condensed, more readable version of Geobop’s State Symbols—has more information than any other state symbols book published to date. My books are better than any website to boot.

I’ve also done some work on a book about the United States’ national symbols, but it probably won’t be published this year. Its home base is

Symbology is a vast and intriguing topic. I may eventually write about symbols representing other countries. Some of my political works also focus on the role of symbols in manipulating people. The “Nazi” swastika is a particularly interesting tale of psychology and propaganda that will be discussed in my book World War True, for example.