Maine Symbols

The great state of Maine is celebrating its bicentennial in 2020. I was so absorbed in finishing Geobop’s State Symbols that I didn’t pay much attention.

However, I had been contemplating working on a series of books taking an even closer look at the symbols of each of the fifty states. How could I pass up a state’s bicentennial?

In addition, there appears to be a lot of interest among Mainers in adopting a new state flag. Then I discovered that Maine could get a new state bird as well. And I’m still not through…

In my series of state symbols report cards, Maine got an unusually high score, B+. I’m especially impressed by the fact that Maine has no odious political symbols, not even an official flag pledge.

Maine isn’t among the many states that adopted milk, the square dance or English, though it did adopt the introduced honeybee. Even better, Maine designated American sign language its official language, which should make it even harder for the English-only campaign to score in the Dirigo State.

Have you ever heard of Moxie? It’s Maine’s official drink. End of story?

Not quite.

I discovered that one could write a book about Moxie alone. In fact, at least five books about Moxie have been written. I’ve become a big Moxie fan myself, even though I’ve never tasted it – and probably never will. It allegedly tastes like crap.

You’ll never guess who stars in the Moxie story. Stephen King!

I’m not a big fan of horror stories, so I’ve never read any of his books. I have seen one or more movies that were adapted from Stephen King’s novels, though.

King is Maine’s most famous native son. He’s also surprisingly political. He’s quite outspoken, in fact. I think I like the guy; he has Moxie, even though he hates Moxie.

I originally thought that My Maine Symbols would be little more than a clone of the Maine chapter from Geobop’s State Symbols that I’d probably sell for $10. In fact, it will be much bigger and more exciting. I’m tentatively pricing it at $25.

Like most of my books, it will be somewhat political, and I don’t pull any punches. Reader be warned.

I put one chapter online – State Bird Fight.

As a bonus, I’ve designed five Maine tartans – one for each season, along with the first Moxie tartan. (Actually, the fall tartan doubles as a Moxie tartan as well.)

Even if you’ve never visited Maine, you may find this book surprisingly relevant. Remember – Make mine Moxie.

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