Jeffrey Epstein: Jews’ Choice

While working on one of the books in my Politix series, Conspiracy Science 101, I was stunned to see the headlines regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s death. In my opinion, the Epstein case ranks with the John F. Kennedy assassination, Watergate and 9/11 as one of the most sensational modern American conspiracies.

Watergate was a landmark event in part because it is no longer a theory; it ended with criminal prosecution and convictions, a reminder that grand conspiracy isn’t just the stuff of science fiction.

JFK and 9/11 are united by a combination of tragedy and official narratives that were seemingly written by the blind. In addition, many conspiracy theorists see a Jewish connection in one or even both conspiracies.

The Jeffrey Epstein saga may or may not involve dead people, but his sick sex slave empire was nonetheless tragic. True to form, the official narrative of his death boggles the imagination. The prison’s security camera, which are apparently programmed to stop working whenever something dramatic happens to Epstein, are reminiscent of the fairy tale about the commercial airliner that struck the Pentagon without being photographed.

There’s also a Jewish connection. Epstein was a Jew himself, and it has long been rumored that he was associated with Israel’s spy agency, Mossad. His circle of friends included the Jewish legal celebrity Alan Dershowitz (accused of pedophilia himself), along with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, both of whom can be considered virtual Jews.

Books about Epstein were published at least as early as 2017 (Filthy Rich: The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein The Billionaire’s Sex Scandal by James Patterson, John Connolly, et al.), and new titles are already popping up on Amazon, which has distinguished itself by banning books deemed “antisemitic.” That’s a pretty good clue that any Epstein titles hawked by Amazon aren’t going to tell the whole truth. But what is the whole truth?

I don’t want to turn this into an in depth analysis, so I’ll try my best to keep it brief.

First, we’re talking about at least two major conspiracies here. The first is Epstein’s sex trafficking empire, which was apparently headquartered on Pedophile Island, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The second is Epstein’s strange death.

Pedophile Island

What I have to say about the first conspiracy theory can be summed up in one word: guilty.

Epstein faced justice once before and got off with a sweetheart deal that was simply stunning. Any sensible person who reviewed that case should have known that Epstein was a pedophile who had enough money and political connections to buy justice. He was defended by a sleazy Jewish attorney named Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz was part of the legal team that defended O.J. Simpson and is associated with Harvard, arguably the most corrupt educational institution on the planet.

When Epstein was forced to face the law a second time, the flood gates opened. He was skewered and convicted by the media before he got to court. The media also had a field day trashing some of his powerful friends, including Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and Alan Dershowitz.

Jeffrey Epstein is a reminder that guilt isn’t necessarily dependent on a judge and jury. A combination of logic and evidence can actually be more reliable than the corrupt U.S. legal system. And when the media brazenly call a man like Jeffrey Epstein a pedophile, you know he’s a pedophile.

But there’s something odd about the situation. If the media are, as many people claim, not just corrupt but controlled by the famously clannish Jews, then why would they skewer one of their own? And why would they so willingly roast Epstein’s friends at the same time?

My best guess is that America’s media whores had their backs to the wall. The sensational nature of Epstein’s sickening crimes, combined with mounting evidence and a growing number of witnesses—with God knows how many other victims thinking of coming forward—made EpsteinGate a scandal that couldn’t conveniently be ignored or swept under the rug. Heads were likely to roll.

Still, it would be a mistake to praise the media for their courageous defense of Epstein’s victims. There’s nothing new about hurling vile accusations at Donald Trump, who appears to relish his role as a foil for the media. And if Trump wants to turn around and make accusations against Bill Clinton—well, what would you expect?

The media circus revolving around Epstein has little to say about the Jewish connection. It is rumored that Epstein may have been associated with Mossad, Israel’s dreaded intelligence/terrorism agency. I haven’t yet had a chance to investigate those claims.

There is another tantalizing possibility. There are some who claim that the Jews wallow in anti-Jewism (“antisemitism” in JewSpeak) the way they wallow in sleaze because they more or less like being hated. The theory is that the Jewish race is in danger of disintegrating without an outside threat to hold it together. So if the Jews aren’t really threatened, they either manufacture bogeymen or dream up ways to make people hate them.

Viewed from that perspective, the Jeffrey Epstein case really isn’t strange at all. It’s done a very good job of giving Jews yet another black eye, demonstrating both their extraordinary corruption and power.

Of course, we can never know exactly what the media are up to. Are there more sensational revelations that we aren’t being told about?

Who’s a Pedophile?

If there’s a silver lining, it’s the fact that virtually anyone associated with Epstein gets an automatic black eye and can even be considered a suspected pedophile. Have I already mentioned Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and Alan Dershowitz?

Another person of interest who visited Epstein’s Caribbean playground is Les(lie) Wexner, a Jewish billionaire who was believed to be the main source of Epstein’s wealth. Curiously, Wexner claimed that Epstein had “misappropriated vast sums of wealth” from Wexner and his family.

Stranger still, Wexner didn’t make the accusation until after Epstein’s second incarceration. Is Wexner a pedophile who panicked after Epstein began making headlines and sought to distance himself by claiming he was one of Epstein’s victims? And did he ever file criminal charges against Epstein?

Word to the wise: You should still use a little caution before throwing around the P-word, lest you get sued for libel. You might find a question I posted on a legal forum of interest: Is it legal to call someone a pedophile without a conviction?

Given that a) virtually all the main players associated with Epstein are certifiable scumbags, and b) they presumably didn’t visit Pedophile Island for the purpose of photographing the wildlife, I think it’s safe to state our personal opinions.

Bill Clinton—Are you kidding? Billary has been associated with so many sleazy people—from Jeffrey Epstein to Barbra Streisand—and so many scandals and conspiracies, you have to wonder.

On the one hand, an army of unhinged conservatives have been manufacturing dirt on the Clinton’s for years. On the other hand, Monica Lewinsky turned out to be more than a rumor. The Vince Foster story is pretty interesting. Then there’s the Clinton’s shameful exploitation of Haiti in association with actor Sean Penn, who just happens to be—you guessed it—a Jew.

Alan Dershowitz is another disgusting Jewish/Zionist sleazebag who appears to be very sexist, to put it mildly. He’s also associated with Harvard, which spells P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-E in my book.

Out of curiosity, I typed the following terms into Google to see how many hits each one would get:

  • “Donald Trump is a pedophile” – 92,600
  • “Bill Clinton is a pedophile” – 16,700
  • “Jeffrey Epstein is a pedophile” – 10,800
  • “Alan Dershowitze is a pedophile” – 816

In the public eye, Donald Trump appears to be king of the pedophiles, with Bill Clinton a distant second. Of course, Trump and Clinton are far more famous than Epstein, who many people had never even heard of until just a few weeks ago. Dershowitz is well known to people who tuned in for the O.J. Simpson soap opera, but he still flies under most people’s radar.

If you just type “is a pedophile” into Google, Jeffrey Epstein ranks very high, along with Roy Moore, a failed Alabama Senate candidate who, in September 2018, sued Israel’s Sacha Baron Cohen for defamation after being pranked on the comedian’s show “Who Is America?” (Cohen mocked Moore with a device supposedly invented by the Israeli Army to detect pedophiles.)

If I was going to hire someone to play the role of a pedophile in a movie, Cohen would likely be my first choice. The guy is the quintessentially sleazy Jew whose fame appears to revolve around his specialty—duping people who are relatively famous but sleazy (typically right-wingers) into appearing on TV with him, then pranking them, making them look foolish.

I also discovered an article claiming that Microsoft is something of a pedophile magnet, a charge I don’t find hard to believe.

Ironically, the Gates syndicate may be linked to Washington State’s most celebrated pedophile, the late judge Gary Little. The Seattle media did their best to sweep Little’s crimes under the rug, but the stench just kept getting worse. After the Seattle Post-Intelligencer finally outed him, he committed suicide.

When I was a teacher, I heard rumors about a pedophile sex-ring based in the Seattle School District’s headquarters that was supposedly run by Little. I’ve also heard rumors linking Bill Gates’ father and even Frank Blethen, owner of the right-wing Seattle Times, to this sex ring.

But are these just wild rumors?

Gary Little was a teacher at the Lakeside School for Boys about the time its student body included Bill Gates. Which isn’t to say that Little, who was gay, sodomized Bill Gates, though it’s a tantalizing possibility. But it’s also worth noting that Gary Little became a judge, while Bill Gates’ father was a lawyer. In addition, Bill Gates and his father would eventually come to regard the Seattle School District as their personal fiefdom, something I discovered when I first ran for public office in 1999. Surely, Bill Gates Sr. and Gary Little must have known each other.

More recently, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned after he was accused of forcing Joseph Dyer into sex when Dyer was thirteen. Dyer was the fifth person to come forward with similar charges. He’s also the mayor’s cousin. Murray may therefore have the distinction of being Seattle’s first gay pedophile mayor.

I’ve come to use the term pedophile in a figurative sense to describe people who screw children, literally or figuratively. In my book, his disgusting exploitation of public schools makes Bill Gates one of America’s biggest “pedophiles,” even though I’ve never heard allegations of Gates having sex with anyone other than his wife (and perhaps his personal computer).

As a long-time political activist who has studied everything from history to psychology to philosophy, I think I have my head screwed on straight and have a pretty good understanding of my field. Yet I never cease to be amazed at the ease with which a research project or conspiracy theory can be transformed into a house of cards. In this case, I’ve built a case based on the word pedophile.

But there’s a catch: The word pedophile technically describes a sex predator who preys on pre-pubescent children. Most of the sewer rats described above exploited teens.* That obviously doesn’t whitewash their deeds, but they aren’t technically pedophiles unless they also had sex with children.

(*On the other hand, some of Epstein’s victims were reportedly as young as twelve, an age that ought to appear to sleazy Jewish-Harvard law professors.)

Ironically, my case is supported by The Stranger, a Zionist Seattle tabloid that, in its own way, screws children alongside Bill Gates. (See Jeffrey Epstein Is a Horrifying Person, But That Doesn’t Mean He’s a Pedophile, Katie Herzog, July 15, 2019) In fact, I’ve heard many people describe The Stranger as a “porno rag.”

I can easily imagine Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz taking turns sodomizing a six-year-old, while Bill Gates’ father takes notes. However, I’m aware of no evidence making such accusations, aside from the old school-district rumors about Bill Gates Sr.

This begs the question is it fair to call Jeffrey Epstein and his cronies pedophiles?

There’s no clear answer. It’s technically a phony charge, but these shitheads deserve to be demonized with all our power, and it’s hard to think of a word that inspires more revulsion than the P-word. (Ironically, Jews don’t even accuse Adolf Hitler of pedophilia, though Jews certainly have a reputation for embracing it.) The best substitute I can think of is “sex predator.” However, there’s a big difference between people who are deemed sex predators because they pat women they work with on the butt versus people who recruit teens and hold them captive, turning them into sex slaves.

What happened to Jeffrey Epstein?

Finally, we get back to the man who will probably go down in history as America’s most celebrated pedophile (even though George Washington and Thomas Jefferson may have had sex with their slaves’ children).

Pending trial, Epstein was incarcerated at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York City. On July 23 (my birthday!), he was reportedly found unconscious (or semi-conscious) in his cell with injuries to his neck. More precisely, he was found dead at 6:30 a.m….on a Saturday.

All corrupt politicians and media whores now that Saturday morning is the best time to air a messy news story that you want people to forget about. The date and time of Epstein’s murder thus constitute a clue that he didn’t die of voluntary suicide – not a huge, game-changing clue, but a clue nonetheless.

Epstein reportedly recollected nothing, and his cell mate, former New York City police officer Nicholas Tartaglione, who is charged with four counts of murder, denied knowledge of what happened. How strange is that?

According to NBC News, two sources said that Epstein might have tried to hang himself, a third said the injuries were not serious and could have been staged, while a fourth source said that an assault by his cell mate had not been ruled out.

Epstein was reportedly placed on suicide watch, which ended before his death. On August 10, 2019, Epstein was reportedly found dead in his cell, according to some sources. However, other sources say he was still alive, though unresponsive, when he was wheeled into New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital (Photos show Jeffrey Epstein as he’s wheeled into Downtown Hospital, New York Post).

That a criminal suspect of Jeffrey Epstein’s stature could be allowed to commit suicide or be murdered in prison defies belief. The four articles below pretty much sum it up.

On the other hand, conspiracy theorists around the world were probably predicting that something dramatic would derail this headline-making case. There were predictions that Epstein would be murdered or that some clever legal trick would rescue him from justice a second time. I speculated that he might be convicted, serving light duty (perhaps at Otisville) until he could be pardoned by Donald Trump.

So what actually happened?

First, let’s break it down into the two primary possibilities:

  1. The media are telling the truth.
  2. The media are not telling the truth.

If the media are telling the truth about Epstein’s death, then we’re still left with the question of how he died. Here are some possibilities:

  1. He inexplicably found a way to commit suicide.
  2. He was allowed to commit suicide.
  3. He was murdered.

If he was allowed to commit suicide or was murdered, then who’s the culprit? Some of the suspects touted by the media and conspiracy theorists include the following:

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Bill Clinton
  3. Mossad

As much as I hate Clinton, I don’t suspect him. Donald Trump is commander-in-chief now and presumably has far more control over the situation than Clinton. It’s possible that an organization like the CIA or Israel’s Mossad could have decided to take out Epstein, either without Trump’s knowledge or with his tacit approval.

But what if the media are lying, and Epstein is still alive? The list of prime suspects would probably not change. But why would they help Epstein escape from prison rather than murder him?

I don’t have the answers to what is a truly intriguing case, but here’s my initial analysis…

First, I’m amazed the Epstein investigation was allowed to go as far as it did, torpedoing a lot of famous, powerful people’s reputations and giving Jews yet another well deserved black eye.

I think we should consider the possibility, no matter how slight, that there’s some bigger picture that’s hard to grasp. Is it possible that some entity wanted Jeffrey Epstein’s monstrous crimes exposed, not because of an interest in seeing Epstein brought to justice but because doing so would advance some other agenda? I’m not suggesting anything specific here; I’m just throwing it out there as food for thought.

If the Epstein case was essentially what it seemed—a rare example of a powerful, politically connected Jewarchist (Jewish criminal) who was finally being held accountable—then any of the powerful people whose reputations were being torched by the revelations of Epstein’s victims (or simply by their association with Epstein) understandably would have wanted him silenced. But how could they accomplish that?

Below are some possibilities:

  1. Settle the case as quickly and painlessly as possible
  2. Get the case disbarred
  3. Arrange for Epstein to be convicted and sentenced to light duty until he could be pardoned by Donald Trump
  4. Arrange for Epstein to voluntarily commit suicide
  5. Have Epstein murdered
  6. Arrange Epstein’s escape from prison

For me, the first two choices and the fourth one are the most problematic. The Epstein case was a juggernaut, and I’m not sure how quickly and painlessly it could have been settled. How many victims were there who might have come forward, and what kind of secrets might they have divulged?

Getting the case disbarred might seem like the dreamiest solution, but it would have been a public relations nightmare. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could have any faith in the U.S. legal system after such a stunt.

Epstein might have chosen suicide over the alternative, spending the rest of his life in prison. But couldn’t he simply wait for his pal, Donald Trump, to pardon him? Even if that wasn’t in the cards for some reason, was he really up to hanging himself? I would prefer to be offered some kind of drug that let me go peacefully, with a smile on my face.

Pressuring Epstein into committing suicide would have entailed other problems. What if he simply refused? What if he threatened to divulge even darker secrets?

So that narrows the field to three finalists:

  1. Arrange for Epstein to be convicted and sentenced to light duty until he could be pardoned by Donald Trump
  2. Have Epstein murdered
  3. Arrange Epstein’s escape from prison

I predicted #1, but I was obviously wrong. One problem with my theory is that a conviction still would have presumably involved a trial and there’s no way of knowing how long it would have lasted or how messy things might have become.

So Epstein was either murdered or freed from prison. The latter might sound like an absurd theory, but it’s actually very plausible.

Either murder or freedom would have required at least one operative inside the prison. Either one would have required a conspiracy involving a hospital as co-conspirator. If Epstein was murdered, his body would have to be autopsied, a procedure that might have discovered something odd about his death.

If, on the other hand, Epstein was allowed to escape, the conspirators would have to fake his death, which would involve a fake autopsy. It isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

It would begin with one high-ranking hospital official agreeing to join in the conspiracy. Since America’s medical establishment is effectively owned and controlled by corporations, finding a corrupt scumbag willing to perform such a deed really shouldn’t be that hard. Of course, bribes always help.

The next step would be to work out the details, concoct a narrative, forge autopsy documents and recruit whatever additional personnel were needed to assist with the conspiracy.

How many people would it take to pull off such a stunt? I’m not sure, but it certainly wouldn’t number in the hundreds.

If an authentic autopsy had been performed, a team of paramedics presumably would have brought Epstein’s body to the hospital. I doubt that such a team would have consisted of more than half a dozen people.

Another team of people would have performed the autopsy. My understanding is that autopsies are usually performed by two people, an autopsy tech and the pathologist. They are sometimes accompanied by a student. In special cases, the procedure may be documented by a photographer, and a police officer may be present as a witness. So we’re probably talking about another five or six people, for a total of ten or eleven.

A few more conspirators might be required to tie up some loose ends. Of course, it would be helpful if the conspirators were all Jewish. Jews are notoriously clannish scumbags who won’t even blow the whistle on rabbis who infect their own babies with herpes. I’m not exaggerating.

A Seattle Hospital Conspiracy

I’m reminded of a sensational conspiracy that transpired here in Gothic Seattle in the 1990’s.

St. John Stanford, a retired general who had been recruited to serve as superintendent of the Seattle School District, was suffering from leukemia. One day, a tiny blurb in the Seattle Times announced that Stanford had slipped out of his room without permission and stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. End of story.

A friend whose wife worked at a Seattle hospital called me and breathlessly informed me that that was not the real story. Something much bigger was going on.

Sure enough, the media trotted out a new story the very next day. An article on the website offers a brief summary:

“Two weeks after entering a hospital for treatment, he [Stanford] took an unauthorized leave of absence, walked two and a half miles toward home, and was stopped by Seattle Police.”

The original story was much more colorful. Stanford left the hospital wearing nothing but a hospital gown and towing an IV tray, bound for home. The catch: He was described as perfectly lucid. It was also reported that the police at first thought he was a thief, caught, in the act of stealing an IV tray!

There’s a textbook example of a conspiracy uniting the Seattle School District, the Seattle Police Department, the media and a local hospital.

But why would conspirators want to go to the extra trouble of freeing Epstein when it would be easier to murder him?

One possibility is cooperation. Epstein’s death hasn’t ended the investigation into his criminal empire. If Epstein is still alive, then he can offer defendants information and advice that can help shoot down victims’ testimony. He might even assist in efforts to bribe or intimidate victims from coming forward.

So that’s my theory. I believe Jeffrey Epstein was either murdered or freed from prison. I think the murder scenario is the more likely explanation, but the possibility that he’s still alive should not be discounted.

Wow, and I thought this was going to be a short article!

Conspiracy Taxonomy

Incidentally, I’m working on a very ambitious conspiracy classification scheme which I’ll unveil in my forthcoming book, Conspiracy Science 101. Epstein figured in at least two major conspiracies, one involving sex trafficking, the other his fate.

I would tentatively use the following notation to describe Epstein’s sex trafficking empire:

Ev (serial) Oa

That means it was presumably a conspiracy event (Ev), as opposed to a systemic or super conspiracy. It can further be described as a serial conspiracy, because it wasn’t really limited to a single event. Epstein probably didn’t recruit teenage girls in order to acquire or maintain power; rather, he had other purposes (O). More precisely, he was interested in stealing people’s assets (in this case, sex) as opposed to punishing (e.g. assassination) or disempowering them (e.g. through mind control). Of course, I’m not ignorant of the fact that Epstein’s victims were indeed effectively punished and disempowered.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death (or kidnapping) was also a conspiracy event, classified as a classic Ev Od. It could conceivably be described as a conspiracy to maintain power by deflecting a criminal investigation that threatened to erode that power. However, I’m tentatively going to give it another O (“Other”), as the immediate goal was simply escaping justice.

His death, real or faked, presumably had nothing to do with stealing other people’s assets, and it wasn’t a brazenly punishing gesture. I think it can more correctly be described as a strategy aimed at disempowering (d) his enemies by pulling the rug out from under their feet.

The media conspiracy—and the media almost always play a role in cases of this magnitude—could probably be classified like this:

Ev (serial) Md

In other words, the media propagandists are focusing on a conspiracy event (actually two events, Epstein’s crimes and his death), but we’re looking a continuing deluge of articles for years to come. The media’s primary overall function can be described as maintenance of the empire (M), and they accomplish their mission primarily by disempowering (d) people through mind control.

Jeffrey Epstein Avatar

Before closing, let me introduce my tribute to Jeffrey Epstein. The Jews have given us usury and banksters, nuclear weapons, circumcision and very likely pornography, the father of propaganda, the father of anti-conspiracy, and maybe most of our wars. It would appear that Jeffrey Epstein has claimed the title Father of Pedophilia for himself, even if he wasn’t a true pedophile.

And so I designed an emblem to represent Epstein. It’s based on the Star of David, with the lower portion colored red to represent the Virgin Islands, the home of Pedophile Island. The Caribbean is further represented b a blue wavy line at the bottom of the design. In the center are the letters “JE,“” Jeffrey Epstein’s initials, over a segment of the wavy blue line representing the letter “W.”

I chose a Creative Commons license that allows people to freely display the image on websites and in books and magazines, just as long as you include the proper attribution).

Though not required, I would be delighted if you sent me a message if you display this image on one of your works. I’m curious to see how the world—and Google—reacts to this symbol.

Owned by the Jews

In March 2018, Trayon [misspelled Trayson in an article that appeared in the Washington Post] White Sr. posted a video on his Facebook page as snow flurries were pelting the nation’s capital. In the video, Trayon blames the snowfall on the Rothschilds, a Jewish banking dynasty that he accuses of controlling the weather.

Trayon White

Trayon White: Moron or jigger? (Photo public domain)

The incident is a classic example of a conspiracy within a conspiracy.

First, White isn’t an ordinary citizen; he’s a member of Washington, D.C.’s city council.

Second, White is black.

No one is a bigger fan of (intelligent) conspiracy theory than me, and I’m not troubled by claims that the Rothschilds manipulated and possibly even started one or even both world wars. Nor is it impossible to modify the weather.

But claims that the Rothschilds are inducing excess snowfall over Washington, D.C. can hardly be taken seriously. We’re not talking fringe conspiracy here; rather, it’s crackpot conspiracy theory.

Rigged System Picks Moron?

Let’s think about this rationally.

If you know anything about the U.S. political system, you know it’s corrupt. Almost unbelievably corrupt.

As a former candidate for public office, I can tell you that even liberal Seattle is corrupt beyond your wildest dreams. For all practical purposes, there are no elections here; public officials are selected by corporate interests, then effectively installed at the end of a phony election designed to make citizens think they actually have a voice in government.

Now think about it: If you’re going to install a person on the city council representing the capital of the United States, are you going to select someone stupid enough to believe the Rothschilds are manipulating the weather? And would a person in the public eye really be stupid enough to air his views on Facebook?

This is a classic example of a multi-conspiracy, one that targets both conspiracy theorists and black people.

First, it reinforces the notion that conspiracy theorists are kooks. Second, it reinforces the notion that black people are racist (“anti-Semitic” in Jewspeak).

Of course, the victims are the poor Jews, who have been unjustifiably blamed for just about everything from betraying Jesus to creating ISIS.

But why would a man in Trayon White’s position want to make himself look like a fool? Why would he want to make black people in general look like clueless racists?

He’s obviously being rewarded. By whom?

Working for the Jews

Take a wild guess.

Trayon White is a classic example of an Uncle Tom, a term traditionally applied to black people who sell out other black people by doing the white plantation master’s bidding.

But White is more precisely working for the Jews.

It’s interesting that the media freely glean photos of White from his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and he doesn’t sue them for copyright infringement.

The term jigger is an ethnic slur that’s roughly synonymous with the N-word. In more recent times, some people have applied the term to Jews who act like black people (e.g. Jewish rap artists).

The term could also be applied to black people who sell out their own to the Jews. In this sense, Trayon White is a textbook example of a jigger.

Not surprisingly, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League; aka Jewish Gestapo) cried foul after White posted his conspiratorial video. Nor was White’s reaction a surprise: He apologized, a reminder that all black people should bow down before the almighty and all righteous Jews.

Dumb and Dumber

But White’s enlistment in the ADL Auxiliary hasn’t expired.

To cement his apology, White agreed to visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, a franchise that has become nearly as familiar as Kentucky Fried Chicken in large cities across America. During his tour, White was shown a photo, allegedly taken in 1935, depicting a woman surrounded by “Nazi stormtroopers.” Hanging from her neck is a large sign that reads “I am a German girl and allowed myself to be defiled by a Jew.”

After studying the image, White asked “Are they protecting her?”

I can’t vouch for the authenticity or true nature of this photo. It’s entirely possible that the stormtroopers depicted in the photo are actually Jews dressed as stormtroopers. But only a village idiot would look at such a picture and suggest that the evil Nazis are protecting a woman carrying such a provocative message—in the headquarters of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Inc., no less.

And so, Trayon White will apparently be an ongoing reminder that, even as black people are terrorized by rogue cops working for the Jews, the real victims are the poor, millionaire Jews who are constantly embarrassed by stupid, racist black people.

Trayon White’s soul mate could well be media whore Oprah Winfrey, who courageously supported America’s first jigger pResident, Obama. Loosely speaking, Donald Trump might be called a jigger as well, though some would just call him an old-fashioned Uncle Tom.

Could NeoNazis be working for the Jews, too? I’ll have much more to say about this topic in Jews 101.

Ten Cheers for Holocaust Denial

Jews have given us some of humankind’s greatest inventions—well, at least one, the atomic bomb.

But they’ve also ranked among the world’s best propagandists for more than 2,000 years. You’ve probably heard about the Exodus, the fairy tale that relates how the Jews built Egypt’s pyramids while being held in bondage by the pharaohs. Except archaeologists now say the story is baloney.

One of the saddest words in the English language is anti-Semitism, which even Encyclopedia Britannica describes as “a misnomer.” That doesn’t stop Jews from misappropriating the word, using it as a synonym of anti-Jew and applying it to just about anyone who says anything critical of Jews, Israel or Zionism, even if it’s blatantly true.

You can learn about my crusade against anti-Semitism @

Another thing the Jews have done a splendid thing of mangling is the Holocaust.

The mainstream account claims that six million Jews were executed in gas chambers by the Nazis during World War II. We’re also told that there was no rational reason behind the Holocaust; the Jews were innocent scapegoats—a theme that runs through Jewish history for more than 2,000 years. (The one big exception is the story about Jesus chasing the Jewish money changers out of his temple. After all, you can’t argue with Jesus. But that’s another story.)

The Jews have coined a term to support their version of the Holocaust: Holocaust denial.

If you think a Holocaust denier is a person who denies the Holocaust happened, take another guess; that would be far too honest for the Jews.

In fact, Holocaust denial includes just about any aspect of questioning or ridiculing the official account. If you ask if it’s possible that less than six million Jews perished, you’re a Holocaust denier. If you ask if a couple thousand could have died as the result of Allied bombing raids, you’re a Holocaust denier. If you suggest the Germans may have had some legitimate complaints against the Jews, you’re a Holocaust denier.

If someone raises the American flag while the national anthem is playing, you’re expected to stand at attention with your hand over your heart. No questions asked. If a teacher asks a first grade class to stand for the pledge of allegiance, the students are expected to follow orders, even if they’re too young to understand what allegiance means.

In a similar vein, the Holocaust can be likened to a religious doctrine based on faith and enforced by conformism (e.g. peer pressure) and intimidation.

Enough is enough; it’s time to grow a spine. Listed below are ten reasons the Holohoax deserves nothing more than your middle finger.

1. Historical Accuracy

Have you ever heard the maxim “History is written by the victor”?

It’s very true.

To put it in perspective, most of what we know about ancient Greece was written by ancient Greeks. Most of what we know (or think we know) about ancient Carthage was written by the people who destroyed it, the Romans. Most of what we know about Native Americans was written by white people.

Not surprisingly, historians are continually rewriting history. From ancient battles to Watergate, the stories change as more details are discovered. Historical interpretations can also vary with perspective. (Were ancient wars caused by political leaders, or were they ultimately driven by population growth and availability of resources?)

Even in the less flaky sciences, asking questions isn’t just OK, it’s essential.

To begin with, science is driven by curiosity. At the same time, our understanding of things is seldom perfect, and people often make mistakes to boot. There’s nothing wrong with taking a fresh look at a puzzle thought to be already solved.

Moreover, the mainstream Holocaust account contains a lot of red flags, similar to the mainstream 9/11 account. There is in fact abundant evidence suggesting that the details of the mainstream Holocaust account may not jibe with reality.

A related question concerns the rationale behind the Holocaust. Were innocent Jews irrationally scapegoated, or did they bring the Holocaust on themselves?

Though I haven’t yet formed a final opinion, my current belief is that millions of Jews paid for the crimes of a subset of Jews (corrupt Jews or Jewarchists). Some people believe the infamous Rothschilds advanced their goals by throwing other Jews under the bus, an idea I don’t find hard to believe.

I further think it’s likely that a significant percentage of Jews died as a result of Allied bombing raids. Whether a single Jew died in a gas chamber is something I don’t know; it’s possible, but I’m not fully convinced. Nor am I convinced that the total death toll was six million, though, again, it’s possible.

2. Morality

Suppose it could be proved that the Germans took just a quarter million Jews prisoner, using them as slave labor, and 95% died as a result of Allied air raids, with the other 5% dying from a combination of Nazi brutality (though none died in gas chambers) and natural causes.

This would still qualify as a heinous act. Nevertheless, if it could be proved that every adult prisoner was complicit in exploiting German citizens, some might argue that the Holocaust was at least partially justified, but what about the children?

They could be simply dismissed as “collateral damage,” an excuse the U.S. and Israel use while terrorizing people around the world 24/7.

I’m not saying it’s OK to casually dismiss children as collateral damage. I’m just pointing out that has long been standard practice for the U.S. and Israel.

3. Free Speech

Over 400,000 Americans gave their lives in World War II, which the Jews think revolved around Jews (forget the millions of gentiles who perished on the Eastern Front). So most of those U.S. citizens gave their lives to rescue the Jews, who were then allowed to emigrate to the U.S., where many grew rich and powerful at the expense of other U.S. citizens, and they show their gratitude by insulting anyone who asks questions about WWII or the Holocaust? They insult anyone who doesn’t support Israeli policy. They insult taxpayers who object to their tax dollars being used to slaughter innocent Muslims while Israeli Jews stand on the sidelines, grinning from ear to ear.

Jews have been brainwashing U.S. citizens for generations. Today, the First Amendment is under attack as never before as the McCarthy Witch-Hunt is replaced by the Anti-Semite Witch-Hunt.

In some European countries, Holocaust denial is illegal—and they cast their nets wide and deep. Asking the wrong questions or making a Nazi salute in jest can land you behind bars.

Fortunately, no U.S. citizens have been prosecuted for Holocaust denial (that I’m aware of)—yet. However, recent trends suggest similar laws could soon be enacted in the U.S. The Jews are certainly pushing for Holocaust legislation.

In the meantime, Holocaust denial can torpedo a person’s career or reputation. Just check the news for the latest college professor who’s under fire for “anti-Semitism” or “Holocaust denial.” If Muslims were taking over our colleges, U.S. citizens would be up in arms.

4. Double Standard

The Holocaust industry, as many people have come to refer to it, is rife with double standards.

To put it in perspective, let’s ask why Holocaust denial is vilified.

There are two primary reasons. First, we are told that the mainstream account is the one true account, and any deviations from the mainstream account are therefore lies. Second, we are told that Holocaust denial incites hatred.

Just for argument’s sake, suppose the mainstream account is indeed true, and all the “Holocaust deniers” are de facto liars.

No one hates lying more than I do, but is lying supported by the First Amendment? Even if the answer was NO, could we realistically prosecute everyone who lies?

In fact, there are thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans who are professional liars. They’re called politicians, media whores and lawyers. Why should people who lie about the Holocaust be vilified or punished when professional liars may be handsomely rewarded for spouting even more outrageous lies?

Keep in mind that Jews are a potent force behind the media, which are frighteningly corrupt. In fact, it’s commonly believed that they control the media. It would be difficult to figure out a way to rate the races according to truthfulness, but Jews could easily qualify as the biggest liars.

And isn’t it hypocritical for Jews who support the ongoing persecution of Muslims to whine about inciting hatred?

The Nazis were in power for about fifteen years. Jews were in the war business at least a century earlier. Jews have long exported misery and terror from their capitalist headquarters in New York City and Washington, D.C. Israel has been a terrorist state since its birth in 1948.

And I’m still not through, because there’s also a double standard regarding the treatment of Holocaust victims in the U.S. pResident Obama gave millions of dollars to U.S. citizens living in poverty who claimed to be Holocaust victims.

Of course, the Holocaust wasn’t a picnic, and what a drag to escape that inferno for a life of poverty. But let’s remember that the U.S. had nothing to do with the Holocaust, which occurred on the other side of the world.

Why didn’t Obama give any money to descendants of America’s Southeast Asian Holocaust who are living in poverty? What about black people and Native Americans who are living in poverty?

5. Racism

The Holocaust industry is racist to the core.

First, we’re told that the Holocaust was the worst event in all of history. Suggestions that the Native American Holocaust (which still hasn’t ended) might be worse are brushed off with a number of arguments. (The Nazis may have killed a lesser number of people, but they did it in a shorter period of time. Besides, the Indians were primitive savages who weren’t making money off of America’s natural resources.)

Slavery can’t compare to the Holocaust, even if the descendants of slaves had to endure Jim Crow while waiting another century for the right to vote, after which they were still treated like an inferior species, especially by Jews and the fascist police who work for Jews. Have you ever done any research on Belgium’s King Leopold’s atrocities in the Congo?

I’ve already mentioned Obama’s stunt, giving tax dollars to Holocaust survivors while thumbing his nose at everyone else.

And what about the Germans?

Probability no other nationality has been demonized more ferociously than the Germans, who were exploited by the Jews even before World War II. Today, the exploitation goes on, as Germany pays alleged Holocaust survivors Holocaust dividends and gives Israel submarines, while Jews continue to heap verbal abuse on the German people.

Then there’s the Muslims, who have replaced the Communists as Jewmerica’s greatest enemy.

Maybe we should add racism to the list of the Jews’ double standards.

6. Political Arena

Just for argument’s sake, suppose the mainstream Holocaust account is 100% true.

Now imagine a Muslim child who’s rudely awakened by the sound of soldiers breaking down the front door. The soldiers crash in, raping her older sister and mother before killing the entire family. At the same time, ISIS—an alleged Muslim terrorist group that oddly never attacks Israel—is terrorizing more innocent Muslims.

Would it be OK for someone who has survived that kind of ordeal to vent their rage by claiming the Holocaust was a hoax, or, conversely, praising it as the best thing since cream cheese?

What about U.S. citizens—or the citizens of any country that is exploited by Jewish bankers—who want to give Jews a piece of their mind?

This brings us back to free speech, and free speech includes fair speech.

7. HolocaustTM, Inc.

Holohoax button

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Native Americans could make half as much money off their suffering as Jews rake in via the “Holocaust industry,” as some people refer to it? Jewish insiders call it Shoa business.

Norman Finklestein (a Jew) wrote a book titled The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering. In his book, Finklestein—who lost relatives in the Holocaust—argues that the American Jewish establishment exploits the memory of the Holocaust for political and financial gain, as well as to further Israel’s interests.


8. Red Flags

As we’ve seen, the mainstream Holocaust account, along with the Holocaust denier witch-hunt, are studded with red flags. Perhaps none is bigger than the Soviet flag.

If any country was more drenched in blood than Germany during the first half of the twentieth century, it was the Soviet Union, and not all the blood was shed by German invaders.

In 1904-1905, Russia was defeated by Japan in the Russo-Japanese War. Japan’s war effort was bankrolled by a U.S. Jew named Jacob Schiff, who later became a member of President Woodrow Wilson’s inner circle.

After briefly participating in World War I (which some people believe was manipulated and perhaps even started by the Jews, including Woodrow Wilson’s advisors), Russia was wracked by a bloody Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. (There were actually two civil wars.)

Things calmed down for a while, but Joseph Stalin’s rise to political office in 1922 was an omen of worse things to come. By 1937, Stalin had become the Soviet Union’s de facto dictator. He is also remembered as one of history’s bloodiest tyrants.

No one knows how many people died under Stalin’s regime, but some think he killed more people than Hitler did.

Another show stopper was the Soviet gulag, a system of forced labor camps that persisted into the 1950’s. American military personnel who were taken prisoner by the Germans were generally well cared for, and most returned home alive. But some 5,000 Americans who were taken prisoners by the Soviets near the end of the war were never seen again.

No one wrote about the gulag more forcefully than Alexander Solzhenitsyn (author of The Gulag Archipelago, 1973), who was awarded the 1970 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Nowhere did Solzhenitsyn receive more acclaim than the United States, where he lived for a while after he was deported from the Soviet Union. But the honeymoon ended with the publication of Two Hundred Years Together in 2001-2002.

A comprehensive history of Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union during the years 1795-1995, the book made the fatal mistake of not casting the Jews as innocent victims. In fact, Stalin’s top executioners were Jews. Many people still believe that Stalin himself was a Jew.

The irony is that Two Hundred Years Together has never been published in the United States, where Solzhenitsyn was once treated like a literary god. Go figure.

9. Education

At least five states (California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey and New York) have laws maintaining that children in public schools be taught about the Holocaust.

Of course, students are taught the mainstream version, which means their young mind are being filled with lies.

In fact, Holocaust disinformation has spilled over from the media onto the Internet. One of the biggest offenders is Wikipedia, which has seemingly become a mouthpiece for the Jews.

10. Innocent Jews?

As stated earlier, I acknowledge that the Germans did persecute Jews, including children. Even if everything I’ve written about the Holocaust is true, shouldn’t I show more sensitivity towards the survivors?

That’s a complex question, one I can’t definitively answer.

Let’s focus on the adults first. How many were truly innocent? Obviously, not all German Jews were corrupt bankers or media whores. But Jewish bankers and media whores certainly had relatives and friends, just as corporate tycoons and media whores have relatives and circles of friends and colleagues in the U.S. today.

The Jews frequently claim that all Germans bear guilt regarding the Holocaust because they knew what was happening but chose to look the other way. Could the same thing be said about the Jews?

Today, millions of people around the world are being eaten alive by the Jews, and it’s damn hard finding any Jews who give a damn. So why should anyone give a damn about them?

The remaining problem is the children. There’s no way their suffering can be called fair. But it’s important to bear in mind that they weren’t alone. Millions of children died during WWII, and many, if not most, of them weren’t Jews. Jews were cruelly exploiting families in Germany and other countries long before WWII. Today, literally millions of Muslim children have been slaughtered, orphaned, left homeless or transformed into refugees.

So if you’re a Holocaust survivor who wants to give me a piece of your mind, don’t waste your time. Why not grow a backbone and tear into the Jewish gangsters who brought the Holocaust down on you in the first place?

* * * * *

So am I a Holocaust denier?

In Jewspeak, the answer is yes. But the truthful answer is NO.

I believe the Germans really did persecute Jews, just as Jews have been persecuted through the centuries.

However, as related in my article, I don’t accept the mainstream Holocaust account. Nor do I believe the Jews were all innocent scapegoats; I believe they brought the Holocaust on themselves, just as they brought a series of European pogroms on themselves.

Proud Holocaust Denier button
I’ll have much more to say about the Holohoax in Jews 101.

Protest Paradox

It’s a bright spring day, and a young Jewish student is shopping when he’s suddenly distracted by a commotion. As the noise increases, he suddenly sees a throng of people marching down the street carrying protest signs.

As they get closer still, he discovers that they’re anti-Semites. The signs display hateful things, like “Fuck Israel,” “Jews – Go back to Germany!” and “Heil Hitler!”

The student is torn between disgust and fear. A mob of police suddenly appear, spraying the protesters with tear gas and savaging a few with batons and rubber bullets.

Several Jews who have gathered to watch the display cheer for the police. They laugh with glee as they watch the police manhandle protesters. They talk about going to court and doing what they can to get the protesters sentenced to prison. At the very least, maybe they can make them lose their jobs.

Now imagine a group of black protesters carrying signs that read “Fuck white people” and “Burn Baby Burn!”

If I saw such a protest, I’d raise a clenched fist in support. Why?

Because I understand why minorities might be angry at white people. The white race has long ruled the world. Though not all white people are on board, most are complicit in often subtle ways, from voting for racist candidates to simple apathy.

Do you see the difference?

Instead of getting defensive, Jews should ask why so many people are critical of Jews, Israel and Zionism. They should identify the problems and try to fix them. Instead, they just label everyone who criticizes anything Jewish “anti-Semitic.” That combination of stupidity, hypocrisy and arrogance only pours fuel on the flame.

There is a catch; if Jews dared to face the truth, they might discover some dark truths. But human nature itself has a dark side. There can be no morality without facing the truth.

For people who can’t handle Jews 101.