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Jan. 30, 2022: Two new books published!
Two New Books

China vs USA is currently available only via Conspiracy Science is available via Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. It should soon be available via Apple Books as well.

KPow Books is a project with a mission. As a former teacher and lifelong writer and educator my mission is to spread knowledge in a world saturated with propaganda.

Banned Books

Most of my projects focus on either state symbols or politix (political studies), though there is a surprising amount of overlap.

You will probably never find any book in my politix series in a bookstore or library—online or physical—in the United States. Every book in this series is effectively dead on arrival, banned before it’s even published. Ironically, many of my books are the best in their respective categories, for reasons I’ll explain on my Politix page.

Fortunately, the global elitists haven’t destroyed the First Amendment yet. That means you can purchase my books online.

Forget the brain-dead troops fighting Israel’s wars; no one is doing more to protect free speech than KPow Books.
The clock is ticking...

But the clock is ticking, and I fear the day may be coming when this website is scuttled. Fortunately, I’ve been working on various projects for years, and a number of them are near completion. I published my first book, Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy, last summer, and I hope to publish nine more books this year (2021).

To learn more about my books, choose from the links below.

Can you translate my books?

Rather than put all my eggs in one basket, I have over fifty websites and will probably eventually have more than two dozen books published. This is one of the tactics I’m using to thwart the increasing attempts to hack my websites. Home base for my projects are /, and /

My long-range goals include getting some of my projects translated into foreign languages, particularly Chinese, German, Spanish, Arabic and Farsi. Unfortunately, I’m on a tight budget. Anyone who can recommend translators or publishers who might have an interest in my projects is welcome to contact me.

Thanks for visiting, and keep on thinking free.

David W. Blomstrom

Free speech isn’t free.